Experiencing repeated browser crashes


when surfing this website’s forum areas. Started happening mid-July (2018). IE 11. No browser crashes at any other website during that same period.


Is that why the nickname is Internet Exploder?

Have you tried a different browser? Do you still crash?

Firefox crashes at work a lot, and I can’t switch. I use a MacBook Pro there. I also use Firefox at home with Windows 10, and have no problems there.


I’ve had no issues with Chrome, for what that’s worth.


I noticed that when this browser crash happens, frequently the bottom of the web-page goes totally black. Where an advertising photo or graphic would normally appear in other words.


No ads? Isn’t that a good thing? :grinning:


do you have ad-blocking software installed? that may be the problem.


Here’s one way it fails


You should consider switching browsers. M$ is only doing security updates for IE at this point. It’s getting left behind by the modern web. Opera, Chrome, etc, would be better choices.


My thinking is the Car Talk website pretty much has to work w/IE to be competitive. Yes, I can work around the problem; just giving a heads-up fwiw to Car Talk’s web gurus.


Thank you. Is anyone else seeing this? Based on the comments I think only George is seeing it. (I’m not doubting it’s happening to you, George…)


I think Shadow has the answer . MS Edge or Google Chrome .


I’m not seeing it, but I’m using chrome


George , why would any web site have to work with Internet Explorer ? It is no longer supported therefore obsolete .


Here’s another way it fails, when replying to a post.


Respectfully, that’s kind of like saying Ford needs a hand-crank starter to stay competitive. :wink:


Apparently not. There is a long time bug with Safari and other browsers that they refuse to fix. There is a long discussion here on this.


Bill, respectfully, it isn’t that anyone has refused to fix the problem. Unfortunately, unless there is a silent majority, we have not been able to quantify that this is an ongoing problem that I or any of our technical people have been able to reproduce. There was a specific issue identified by another user and that was sent to our web staff, and then with the repeated popups when I sent the report along I was told that it was due to the use of Do Not Track.

Please know that I do not sit on these reports, but given that this is a part-time enterprise for all involved, response times are slow and when we do need to use development resources, it has to be for issues that are documented and reproducible. If any of you are continuing to see this, please tell me, but in the past when I have reviewed the thread you cite other users (myself included) have found that the issue goes away when the do not track function is disabled.


Perhaps “refuse” is too strong a word.

The problem has not changed in the last 5 months, since I first noticed it. It is reproducible, it happens on every page. I am running safari 11.1.2 on a macintosh, system 10.12.6.

But from the other comments, it is evident on several other browsers.

To repeat, on every page at cartalk.com, none of the links are active until, after a pause of about 30 seconds, that popup appears. It has to be dismissed, then links work. Click on a link to another page, and you have to repeat the process, wait for the popup, dismiss it, then links work.

Basically, cartalk.com becomes almost unusable. That should be enough to give it priority.


I just tested on the same browser, same version as you, and almost the same OS (10.13.6) and all the links worked immediately, and I got no popups.

If it were a Cartalk site problem, it would be likely that I’d see the same problem as you. This suggests that there’s a problem on your end that hasn’t been discovered yet.


I get that error on Chrome when I am idle too long and try to reply. Something logs me out.
But, I am now running the site on IE 11.611, as Chrome (and my work network through Chrome,) cannot find the forums…

I blame my work network and firewalls for these issues.