Anybody else have this problem: "Internet Explorer has found a problem"

Whenever I use this section of CarTalk I get this message repeatedly. Usually I press “Don’t Send” the error report, and it shows an autorecovery and I can view what I clicked on. But sometimes it says “IE Cannot recover, exiting”.

Anybody have a clue what is causing this? It isn’t just once in a while. It is every time I visit the community forum section over the past month.

I enjoy to learn more about cars here, but I’m finding this computer problem frustrating. It didn’t used to happen, only w/in the past month or two.


The problem may be internet explorer and you should try firefox. Internet explorer has always had problems.

Let me know!


I’ve tried all sorts of web browsers and I still have browsing/tab error messages popping up when trying to log onto the site. It’s a website issue, as I don’t have problems logging onto any other websites.


Use FireFox or Google Chrome. Internet Explorer is a train wreck.

What version of Internet Explorer are you using? Help>About should tell you.

I have that problem several times a day now, IE9/Windows 7 and IE8/Windows XP. Didn’t have it prior to site revisions.

I am on windows XP And am having a terrible time with the problem some of you discribe. For all the years I have been on Car talk I never had all this trouble. hope someone can find & fix the problem .frustrated.
Honda Bill

EEK! Don’t use FireFox unless you’re on a Mac or Linux, but then again if you were you wouldn’t be using internet explorer. Google Chrome, Safari, or Opera are the way to go!

@MCBMW: You do know there’s IE for the Mac, right?

@OP: Feel free to use Firefox on Windows.

@OP: We have it from the highest authority that you need to upgrade to the very newest version of your browser.

I have the same problem with an older computer running XP and using Windows Explorer. I have another newer computer running Windows 7 and I use Firefox on that one with no problems.

I don’t use the old computer on car talk site anymore, it is too frustrating. I have Windows updates turned on and I believe the Internet Explorer version I’m running is updated. No problems with any other sites.

I have the newest, updated versions of both system and browser (IE9/Windows 7), and still have this problem.

A constant problem since the change.
As this is a work computer, I’m not going searcing and experimenting with oddball software.
It either works or it doesn’t.

all day long, every so often when I toggle from one thread to the list or back, it gives me the error message…I report it…it recovers it…and I continue on my merry way.

Once in a blue moon it will kick me off.

9:33 Like just now after posting this , …save comment…then back to the list of threads…
—error ----

If you’re having problems with IE version 8 (maybe 9), try this:

  • Tools,
  • Manage Add-ons

If you bring up another program (like wordpad, notepad, an e-mail, whatever you can type in) list the addons you have installed and post them back here. I’ll see what I can figure out for you.

I will say that there are some known issues with certain Java script installations, some PDF extensions, and some others. I can’t guarantee I can adress them all, but if I have something to work with, I might.

I use IE/Firefox/Chrome/Safari and (ghast!) Opera on several different systems, including Win2K, XP, Vista and Win7, and have zero problems once I figure out what the offending addon is and disable it.

Even on work computers, it may help to identify what the addons are that are causing problems. You may not be able (or willing) to fix it, but the information may help someone else.

Having said all that, if we can point to a certain addon causing problems for a large number of people, maybe the site managers can figure out what’s causing it and fix it.


Edit: If you aren’t on IE8, and need help finding addons, let me know. I don’t have every menu item memorized, and I’m sitting at work on IE8 now.

@littlemouse: Negative, did not know that. I haven’t used Internet Explorer since 1999 though, so that’s why.

Sorry if I sounded harsh on Firefox, it used to be great and still runs great on the platforms I mentioned, but it’s just a little dodgy on Windows.

Thanks all. I’m not able to install new web-browsing software on this 'puter or I’d try that. It looks like I’ll have to live w/it for now. It seems this problem is affecting quite a few people, so I’m sure the Car Talk web-gurus are working on fixing it.

Yeah…they’re working on the issues…They are well aware…Cdaquila knows all…

"I have the newest, updated versions of both system and browser (IE9/Windows 7), and still have this problem. "

Then the highest authority must be wrong. I’ve been saying that all along, but it’s good to have independent confirmation.

Notice How I Never However much I might like to, Near Hinting at the identity of the highest authority.

Cute, Littlemouse. Nice, and thanks. Can’t remember when the last time someone listened to me.

I also stated I don’t think it’s a browser problem, but an addon problem. They can force the browser to shut down, and since I also have no list to check, I’ll just sit back and say “There you go.”

You don’t have confirmation. You merely have someone who can’t modify what they have. It’s clearly a work computer, and controlled by someone else.

I guess it could be an addon problem, but why only with this site? Never happens on the other sites I visit.