Cartalk not working for me with ie 7

Hey guys, three different computers so far and none of them will let me navigate or use the Car Talk website at all while using IE version 7. I have to use Firefox in order to browse and post here. Anyone else notice this?


IE finally nagged me to “upgrade” to IE-8…I never use it…

But the cartalk board seems to be a little spastic this morning…

I noticed this directly after the “new” version of Car Talk website went online. I’ve tried prob more than 3 different computers thus far…May be a non issue I guess…since IE8 is out…and Firefox works fine. Its like saying that the Car Talk Web doesn’t work on my Tandy Radio Shack (TRS80) I guess…LOL…Dating myself there that’s for sure.

10 Cls
20 print "Car Talk"
30 goto 20
40 R-U-N…LOL cant believe I even remember that…prob got it wrong too but those who know will recognize it. What a useless POS that TRS80 was…

Cdaquila…Where are you?

When Gates learned how much money could be made by “upgrading” everything every 6 months or so, that doomed the IBM compatible PC and opened the door for Apple…

DOS 1.2, DOS 3, 4, 5, 6, 7? Windows, Win 95, 98, 2000, Vista, XP, SP 1, 2, 3, Win-7…

Ka-Ching, Ka-Ching, Ka-Ching…

We are sorry you can not open this program / web-site…Your operating system / browser is out of date and needs upgrading…It might be cheaper just to buy a new computer…Ka-Ching…

I’m curious as to what computer(s) you’re using. I’m typing this right now on IE6, Windows 2000. It’s a tad slower than on my Win7 or Vista or XP machine, but it seems to work just fine. Some of the boxes (like this box to type in), don’t reform themselves properly, but they DO work.


When you open car-talk, the FIRST thing that loads is DoubleClick, a consumer tracking program…Maybe it’s time you ran a couple of garbage cleaning programs like Lavasoft Ad-Aware, and Eusing registry cleaner and remove all the tracking programs and Trojans that might be lurking…

I’m here, Blackbird…had a little bit of trouble logging in to reply. You still having trouble? When you said you can’t navigate or use the site “at all” – are you able to log in on but not use the forums? I need you to be a little more specific.

I use Google Chrome. Faster and a nicer interface.

I’ve got Windows 7 and IE7 with no problems. They tricked me into upgrading to 8 but didn’t like it so went back to 7. Don’t think that’s your problem.

OK, sorry…I was outside wrenching…what else is new right?

OK…if I use IE7 the page loads and looks just fine. If I click on “community” it just sits there and thinks…and I can go no further… Then I just close the page and try again…same thing. I think maybe my IE7 got corrupted somehow…I’m on IE ver. 8 now and its just fine

Honestly I don’t think you should worry about it… I bet it was my PC…then again it happened to me on 3 diff PC’s…Laptops Who knows I doubt it deserves much attention… Right? or no?


A couple of weeks ago this website would not work with IE8. I guess they got the problem resolved. I now use Firefox with no problems at all. I tried Google Chrome but it’s not user friendly and it had a couple of glitches here and there.

According to SANS (which I review daily), Chrome has a new bug about 3 times a week. That’s why I don’t run it. Even IE has fewer bugs than that.

If you want to read past newsletters.

The function of the forum has been very hit and miss for me for the last week or so. Some days I come to the site and it works fine, other days it shows me as being logged in, but works as though I were not logged in, not allowing me to comment or showing any of my comment history, only a page for me to update my account information, which showed up after about 30 seconds of “thought” by my computer. Logging off and in does not help, and I tried creating a new account but it too would not work. I sent an email to the “contact us” section of the site, but not sure if anything came of it. I have had zero issues with the site and forum until the last week or so. What gives? Operating system: Windows Vista, browser: Firefox 3.6.24, ISP: Xfinity high speed cable.

Mark, run a speedtest or two. See what gives. Even though you’re on high speed, you may not be getting what you should, and there may be packet drops between you and the servers.

Choose a site close to you, run the tests, then choose a site far away. See what happens.

FireFox is up to version 8.0, FYI. It took some getting used to, but now I really like the new interface (so does the wife, so that says something - she has her own systems). Gives me a lot more screen real estate.

I think it is built into the system on purpose. Consistency would be totally out of character for we here.

I would dump IE

Go with Firefox or Google Crome