Engine Cranks but Wont Turn Over. No Spark At All

I Fixed my Fuel Pump issue and went to Crank my 97’ Dodge Ram 1500 5.2l and It Didnt Turn Over. Checked all the Fuses and they are fine. Went to check the Coil Pack with the Spark Tester and it didnt light up. Checked it with a Volt Meter and it was reading 0.02-0.05. And when the Ground Lead was touching the Ground Terminal of the Battery it read 0.22. What is the Issue? Could it be the Coil Pack, Ignition Control Module or the Distributor?

Title states cranks, but the body of your text says it does not. Which is it?
If it will not turn over:

Did it turn over (crank) normally before working on the fuel pump?
Is the battery fully charged?
Is the battery to ground clean and tight?
Can the engine be rotated using a wrench on the crankshaft?

You need to determine why the engine will not turnover (crank) then look at possible fuel/spark issues.

When you say “turn over” does that mean starting the engine? Turn over usually means the starter actually spins the engine but there are regional differences.


Yes exactly what you said

Like Mustangman said. But the fuel pump is fine and is working. Battery is Charged. The Ground is Fine as well. And Its not seized if thats what youre asking.

Ok cranks but no start… and no spark… also sounds like the coil pack isn’t getting any power if your post of 0.02 to 0.05 is volts.

Not familiar with a Ram that old… but I’d be checking voltage from the coil backwards… does it come from a relay? Or a fuse?

A wiring schematic would help identify how its wired. Maybe a subscription to Alldata is in order.

Re: “Engine turns over.”

I often see in movie or TV subtitles or closed captions that when someone starts a car engine, the written description is “Engine turns over.”

That may be causing some of the confusion, or perpetuating the confusion.

“Engine starts” is more brief, more correct, and less likely to be misunderstood.

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Computer won’t fire spark plugs unless it senses the engine rotating. You know it is rotating during cranking, but computer may not. Computer has to sense it rotating. So could be something amiss w/ crank position sensor. First step, make sure crank sensor is plugged into harness correctly.

Other ideas

  • ignition module faulty or not getting power
  • cylinder head not properly grounded to chassis

Is there a way you can connect a spare spark plug to coil pack and visually check for a robust bluish-white spark at the electrodes during cranking? That’s how I do it on my veheicles, but mine don’t use coil packs.

I had this exact problem on my truck about 3 years ago, problem in that case was oxidized surface on the ignition points. Your truck doesn’t use that part, equiv part on your truck is the ignition module. In that case I could see a visible spark, but it was orange-ish, not bluish-white.

Some of the way vague terms change their meaning due to regional differences drive me crazy. When i first moved to the Philadelphia area, a member of my staff called me early one morning to tell me “Boss I’m going to be in a little late, I’ve got to get a hotshot”. I’m thinking “why is this guy going to get an extra strong dose of heroin, designed to kill him?” Because back in new york, that is what a hotshot was. When he got to work, i told him that “next time you say im going to be late because i need to get my battery jumped, or better yet go spend thirty five bucks on a new battery”.

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What does fixing fuel pump issue involve? IGN was ok before you “fixed” something. I’d say retrace everything you touched.

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is this the same symptoms that made you change the fuel pump?

The fuel pump wasnt getting any power and put a relay in the Trailer relay and it worked

Im not sure but for the power to the fuel pump i had to put a relay in the Trailer Relay gor it to get power

Are you saying the engine was running ok, then it stopped for no apparent reason, and you discovered the reason it stopped was bc no electrical power to fuel pump. Then you plugged a relay into the relay plate position labeled “trailer”, which had no relay before, then fuel pump started working again? That is indeed a mystery.

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The ASD relay powers the ignition coil only while cranking or while the engine is running. There won’t be a voltage signal when the ignition switch is on/engine off. Measure the power at the coil positive post while cranking the engine.

The bigger issue here is. Is the stereo adjusted correctly yet?

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Hahaha. Lol havent gotten there yet. Still figuring out whats wrong with my truck

I replaced the Coil Pack because it was Cracking and checked the Crank Position Sensor and the Wires arent Pinched and is Connected. Still have no idea why it wont Run.

Why havent you replaced the crank position sensor?

Check for spark from the coil wire while cranking the engine.