1996 Dodge Ram 1500 - no crank

replaced every electric, and the convertor, has all good pressures and relays etc, turns over nice no crank

No crank, have you checked voltage to the starter motor? Or did you mean it cranks but won’t start?

5 mechanics expertise no real answers even on car guru thing. everything checks perfect, fuel pressure, volts. Everything, check all relays fuses. New everything seriously everything,

What was it doing before any work was done on the engine?
Has the compression been checked?

All cylinders equal within a minor psi difference, the altenator went out replaced it about 3 weeks later went to leave the house no power, pedal to the floor just struggled to go got it back home hasn’t started since been working on for 2 yrs, oil pump works, new fuel pump, computer distributor an everything in between thank you for talking to me, I’ve had some REALLY. good mechanics out here an they are stumped me also

Was reading about TIMP OR TIPM, not sure about how to do that or if it’s even a factor since everything is exact

I found this on another website
Frankly their idea sounds very risky to me.

How To Perform a TIPM Hard Reset

A hard reset is another non-destructive action that can reset the TIPM and clear codes and allow a used TIPM to work in a vehicle. This action is easily performed by anyone who can turn a wrench. The idea behind a hard reset is that conductively linking the positive and negative battery terminals drains all electrical energy in the TIPM from all capacitors.

  1. Remove ignition key.
  2. Remove the negative cable from the battery.
  3. Remove the positive cable from the battery.
  4. Keeping cables completely clear of the battery, hold both the positive and negative cables together for 10 minutes. There will be initial sparking as power is drained from the system. Again, please make sure these two cables never touch your battery.
  5. After 10 minutes, discontinue holding the positive and negative cables together. Reconnect the positive cable to the battery positive (+) post, followed by the negative cable to the battery negative (-) post.
  6. Attempt to start the vehicle and confirm it is working properly. If not, proceed to the next step.
  7. Disconnect the ground cable from battery (-) post and touch this cable to the battery positive (+) post. The positive battery cable should be connected to the battery at this time. Hold this connection for 10 seconds, then reconnect your negative cable to the battery negative (-) post.
  8. 90% of all used TIPMs will not need reprogrammed if the above steps are performed properly.
  9. If a TIPM hard reset fails, confirm that you have the correct TIPM part number and all electrical connections are correct. Consult your local dealer to have the TIPM programmed per your VIN.

The Totally Integrated Power Module was first used on the Ram trucks in 2006, your truck does not have one.

Lets start with the basics, the engine cranks but will not fire/start, correct?

Does the check engine light illuminate when the ignition is in the run/on position?

I’ll try that tomorrow last to the last resort thanks I’ll let you know how it goes thank you so much about 630

To most here turning over is the same as cranking. Could you please provide more details. Does the engine turnover/crank but it does not start? What were the reason to replace “… all electric…”? Has anyone ever checked for sparks when you try to start the engine?

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Yes I have spark at all 6, cranks strong no start this has been a two year thing, an I’m still in the same spot I was in when it first happened minus about $1000

Since you have spark, has anyone looked at the fuel delivery system, i.e. fuel pump, injectors, etc?

A bad crankshaft position sensor will prevent the fuel pump from running when attempting to start the engine.


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Wouldn’t that display a code?

Not always.

Check Engine Light

A failing or failed crankshaft position sensor may cause the check engine light on your dashboard to come on. A diagnostic scan tool will show a code between P0335 and P0338. The check engine light doesn’t always come on, though, so you could be experiencing any of the above symptoms for some time before you see the warning light


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New fuel pump, fuel rail pressure perfect

New sensor’s all of them new torque converter new distributor plugs wires fuel pump, timing chain, I have spark at all 6, good compression at all 6,

Have you tried starting fluid ?

Yes I have, this is why its driving me nuts

And what were the results ?