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2006 Dodge Ram 1500 - no fire to plugs

Turns over plenty of fuel no fire to plugs. Checked all fuses. Stoped at idle never fired again.

Bad crankshaft position sensor maybe.

If the crankshaft sensor is not sending a signal to the Engine control module(ECM) then the ECM sees no reason to fire the ignition.
But @Mustangman wouldn’t that also NOT send a signal to the injectors to open.


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If it were the crank sensor, the fuel pump wouldn’t run nor would the injectors fire.


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Makes sense, no signal no ignition AND no fuel. The OP said there was fuel but not how he knows that. So I didn’t believe him when he said he had fuel

However — The fuel pump would still switch on for the two second pressurizing phase when the key is turned to the on position. It just wouldn’t get the signal to continue to run because the engine doesn’t start. I suspect that’s when the OP is taking his pressure reading.

He might mean there was just gas in the tank. Hard to tell from a one sentence description. A little starter fluid might make sure it is spark.

For “no spark” all these are common possible causes

  • crankshaft not turning
  • engine computer not powered up and working
  • crankshaft sensor not sensing and sending its signal to engine computer
  • ignition module not powered up and working
  • coils not working

It’s sort of unusual for a crank sensor to stop working like that at idle. Unless it had been idling for quite some time, which can cause the engine temperature to spike. If it stopped running while you were waiting for a light at an intersection, my guess for where to start looking is a problem w/the ignition module.

Note that there may be camshaft sensor involvement with this too; e.g. a broken timing chain. Look in the oil fill hole and see if you can see something indicating the camshaft is turning or the valves are moving.

I thought the same about the OPs statement that he has plenty of fuel.

How many people think that they are getting fuel, just because they recently bought gas.