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1999 Ford Ranger - No spark

There is no spark at the coil, Put a new one in made sure there was a good ground. still nothing turns over. It over heated.

Think for a second, did you tell us ANYthing about your truck that would allow us to help you? You didn’t even tell us which of the 3 engines the truck has.

Post back with a LOT more info if you want any help.

A bad crankshaft position sensor can cause a no-spark condition.,1999,ranger,3.0l+v6,1446380,ignition,crankshaft+position+sensor,7196

And one good way to damage a crank sensor is overheat the engine.



Are you telling us the engine is seized . . . ?!

The starter won’t crank over the engine?

Are you able to bar over the engine manually with a 1/2" drive breaker bar and the appropriate sized socket . . . ?!

If the answer to the last one is no . . . the engine is toast

I assume you are just saying that the ignition system isn’t working. If that is the case I suggest you first make sure power is getting to the ignition system. If that is okay check for any codes that may help point to the trouble.

Common causes of no-spark at the spark plugs (but the engine cranks ok with key in “start”) are, in no particular order

  • faulty crank position sensor
  • faulty ignition switch
  • faulty ignition module
  • faulty ignition system connections
  • faulty computer

A shop would first check for diagnostic codes, and if nothing found there probably start at the circuit that produces the spark and determine if it was getting the trigger signal or not.