Engine Cranks but Wont Turn Over. No Spark At All

We’ve tried that before. Itll post From 0.02 - 0.22

Just to add my comment. My car died on the way to work one morning. Swapped computers but no luck. Called for a tow. The shop reported after a while they got no spark or signal. A little while later they reported the crank sensor was in two pieces. Still had to replace the balancer after that due to coming apart. That was my second crank sensor on two different cars that left me high and dry.

Took a look at it after awhile trying to find the right socket to fit in such a tight space… it was Broke off of its Mounting Bracket

No clue about dodge but my Pontiac requires a tech 2 or something to sinc it with the computer, so best check instructions.

In General, The Crank Position Sensor doesnt need to be Calibrated to work Proper