1993 Chevrolet K1500 4x4 with a small block 350


I had to change out my oil pressure sending unit. I also replaced my distributor cap and rotor and spark plugs and wires. The wires are all going to the right place but the truck wont start. It will Crank but not Start. The starter is good and the battery is new but it just wont Turn over. The truck was running fine for about 5 miles but then it shut off and wont start again. And yes I have already put gass in it. There is fuel getting to the engine.


I’m a bit confused. You say that it will crank without starting, but then that it won’t turn over. Which one is it?

You’re missing either fuel or spark. Have you checked the fuel pressure? Since you just replaced the cap and rotor, make sure the center wire (from the ignition coil) is firmly in place. You should’ve heard/felt an obvious “click” when every wire terminal was attached.

I have a 94 K1500 Blazer with this same engine, and the only time it ever exhibited symptoms of cranking w/o starting, it was a bad fuel pump. That’s why I think you should use a fuel pressure gauge and be 100% certain that fuel is reaching the engine.


It will crank but not start. I have aslo replaced the coil and it is still not working. I know the fuel pump is working because I can see fuel being injected into the engine and I can also here it come on when I turn the Ignition on.


Make sure you coil is good. Check the primary and secondary coils. Check for spark while cranking from your coil wire.

The ignition module might be bad. It’s located under the distributor cap. I would first rule out all other problems before replacing the module; they’re not cheap and the only reliable ones are the AC-Delco?s from the stealership.


I am going to replace the distributer and it has a new module already on it. I have narrowed it down to spark.