Disappearing Threads

Remember this thread?

[Car Talk Community] [Maintenance/Repairs] 2017 Subaru Wrx making rattling noise when dropping rpms

It has totally disappeared, even my own responses. The thread was less than a week old.
Yet other threads, some more than ten years old, are resurrected.

How does this happen?

Dag-nab-it, I meant to post under “General Discussion “.

you are forgiven. lol

In case you didn’t notice, the OP wound-up going completely bonkers, using profanities because we weren’t giving him the type of responses that he wanted. Then, he used both a homophobic slur and a totally inappropriate, politically-charged broadside against one forum member. Several of the OP’s posts were flagged by me and by others, and then Carolyn did the right thing because of his gross abuse of the Terms of Service.

Edited to add:
The OP also implied that one of the forum members was Autistic because he did not provide the desired response.
The OP was just… the total package of inappropriate reactions/comments.

Now, it’s like the OP never existed, and that is just fine as far as I am concerned.


No body posts in General Discussions.

Even when the thread has absolutely nothing to do with Maintenance/Repairs.


I always felt like I was a nobody. I guess its true because I have posted their LOL

The magic hand of the web moderators flushed the excrement away.

Where did it go? Who knows? Into the ether…

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And who cares unless you are at the bottom of the hill and it hits the wind machine.

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I don’t think Carolyn and John send enough stuff back into Cyber Space. I miss the feature where if you wee the 5th person to flag your could watch the post disapear.

I don’t remember that or maybe I missed all the fun. I’m sure it is still up there in the clouds though. Just because something is deleted doesn’t mean it is gone.

Gee. When I saw the subject I thought I’d see responses about tap and die sets.

Reality was even more interesting.

I responded to that flag about which end of the autism spectrum someone was on…but I was on vacation and my memory might be failing. I thought I just addressed the comment, rather than the thread itself.

I moved this to general discussion, FYI.

Removing the entire thread was best because the person who started it was never going to calm down.


… nor was he likely to stop insinuating that other forum members are Autistic.
That was essentially his ultimately-insane act of Crossing The Rubicon… as if his homophobic attacks and totally off-topic right wing rants weren’t enough.


Always nice to find out I had better judgment than I recalled. Must have been the Shore air.


Yes, you exercised excellent judgment.

Was that the CT shore, or the NY shore, or the NJ shore, or the MA shore, or the DE shore, or the MD shore?
If it was the CT shore or the NJ shore, you could have availed yourself of the best pizza in The US!

As a matter of fact, it was New Jersey. No pizza, though. I was also told I missed out on a pork roll, egg, and cheese, but that’s for next time. I’m a very provincial northeasterner with the complexion of a vampire, but I like the Jersey beaches best. And I drove! I managed to skip the NYC snarls, and the Wilbur Cross Parkway in CT was just as chaotic as I remembered it. I don’t know why it’s always the little BMWs that are in the biggest hurry. Anyway, I thought of you all as I waited for the guy to pump my gas on the way home.


do they still have the games on the boardwalk? I remember my parents taking me there when I was about 10. I remember putting a Quarter on a number, the wheel was spun and I won a electric guitar.

Best pizza come from the SW shore of Lake Michigan😀

I drove through CT once. I thought it looked like a nice place. Lots of trees.