Deleted Thread?

Just curious about discussion concerning the woman who purchased a 2012 Equinox with a multitude of issues? It was getting more surreal by the post.

Ed B.

I agree. How and why did that thread just disappear? Nothing that anyone discussed violates site policies in any way.

IIRC, one or two forum members theorized that it was a hoax thread.
(Or, am I thinking of a different thread??)

Perhaps @cdaquila decided that it was indeed a hoax…

Ah, but I’m not just a scold. The poster asked the mods to delete it.

One afterthought…As for the hoax theory: life is weird. I keep an open mind about these things. And I usually don’t delete if I close.

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Even if the discussion was a hoax, the points raised were useful to anyone else considering buying a used Equinox, or any used car with a salvage title.

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I generally agree, which is why I don’t delete a lot of discussions, even about snake oil topics. But if someone starts a thread and then wants it deleted, their wishes should be respected.

Generally threads are locked, deleted is rare.