“Ask Someone” shenanigans

Still odd stuff with “Ask Someone”.
As an experiment I posted there. My post was published under “Maintenance and Repairs” immediately.
Now, I see “Ask Someone” postings are not showing on “New” but you can see them under “Top” and select today’s date. As usual, posters make a statement with very little information. Questions or suggestions about their problem are not responded to.
Just my rant for the day.
But could be my browser, Safari, iOS 13.3.

Thanks for the feedback. Yes, we do recategorize all of the Ask Someone posts after editing/reviewing. True that many posts are very brief. That is due to where they come from. The posters are new to Car Talk and they are already at a location that is giving them some basic info on vehicle issues. They are invited to post their question about their car. Some Ask Someone posts are very quickly answered with a helpful tip. My suggestion to every member is to just be patient and not review the Ask Someone posts. They will all be re-organized and the worst will be filtered out. About 1/20 are simply deleted due to lack of info. Some are held pending more info and many are “Let us know how the warranty fix works out” type of posts.
ps - The Holidays may not be the best time to check the system. We had only limited coverage to review them over the past week.

One out twenty , maybe that ratio is too low .


We discuss that periodically. I will start to filter more out. Thanks for the suggestion.

Rather than filter out the posts, how about a canned response with the information that is usually requested:
Transmission-auto or manual
Is CEL on?
Engine size and configuration?


And don’t forget:
What colour is it?

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