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Discussions are disappearing

I started a new thread this morning on Pinewood derby because at the time, I could not see where someone else started one. It showed up for a while and then disappeared. I used the search function and found another thread that someone else had started 3 hours ago but when I tried the link, it came back with discussion not found. There is one active discussion on the topic that does show, but it did not appear until after I posted my discussion, but it appears that it was started earlier than mine.

Anyone else have a discussion disappear after they saw it posted on the board?

I haven’t been paying much attention but it seems things have not been working too well for the past couple weeks. Now at Pinewood, we smoked everyone local but at the state level got smoked ourselves. Don’t know how they did it but they had fast cars.

The Show section has a pinewood derby thread, and for the sake of organization, we are trying to merge the existing ones into the show’s master discussion. It appears like things are disappearing, but it isn’t a glitch.

I think Commingling the two discussions was unnecessary