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Car Talk Community Read Only for Housekeeping

It’s moving day! As we announced last week, we are closing the Car Talk Community to new comments today, while we complete the transition to the new forum software. We are copying all the old discussions, usernames, and passwords to the new forums, and we hope the transition is as smooth as possible. The migration is expected to take the larger part of the day. When it is complete, and you return to the old site, you will be redirected to the new forums, at the new address. We do not expect a need for re-registration, existing navigation will remain the same, and the appearance will be very similar to the current layout.

Thanks for your patience, and we are excited to take these steps to give you a richer community experience.

I do have one comment on the old board. I have moderated several boards myself, though with less traffic, of course. So, I understand why you apparently don’t actually moderate the board.

As best as I could tell, on the old board, if a certain number of people clicked ABUSE the posting was automatically deleted.

But, it also seemed obvious no one ever reviewed the posting. Yet, we were told it had been moved to the moderator’s queue.

The reason I believe this is because once someone made a hilarious comment, and I posted ROFL. It was removed. When I asked a couple guys who may be good mechanics told me it was for unacceptable language. They did not understand ROFL meant rolling on the floor laughing. Then they told me I shouldn’t use abbreviations no one understands.

Also, we have at times had postings removed not for any abuse, but because certain individuals simply disagreed with the opinion, sort of a mini censorship.

If you must delete without actually lookiong, okay, but pleaese odn’t tell us it has gone to the oderator when it does not.

The box does not scroll as I type, which makes it really hard to fix comments before posting. Firefox 3.6.17

And, when I posted and clicked EDIT, it would not scroll to let me fix the typos in the last line which I typed blind. And, gave me two boxes, one the posting to be edited, the other a new comment box.