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Craig's Minivan - San Pedro, CA

Sat, July 17: What to do with Craig’s minivan to attract women? And he’s an artist? Wow! He’s got everything he needs. So, the lady from Maine who suggested painting a motorcycle on the van was spot on! Then he needs to dress in a white tee shirt, jeans and a motorcycle jacket like Marlon Brando and even though I’m 65 I’D follow him down the streets… Get out those paint brushes Craig! Your talent is your solution.

Good Luck,

Judy DeSantis, Chester, SC

Does a man in a mini-van automatically look un-sexy to women? Most women would withhold opinion on the car and focus on the man. Most men might think the car enhances their image, but women hold out hope they will learn it is actually the man’s own confidence that does.
As for giving the car a manly makeover–how about a macho tattoo?

Craig can make his minivan the sexiest vehicle in the USA and beyond by rolling up all the windows and painting (on the inside) life-sized views of the incredibly hot, hot, hot Old Spice spokesman Isaiah Mustafa. He would paint the left profile on the driver’s window, the full face view on the front windshield, the back of the head on the rear, etc., all as if Hot Guy were the driver. (For the very best effect, Craig could paint the shower water in the background.)

Then turn on the air-conditioning, Craig - you’re going to need it!
Have fun,
d manista, Cleveland, OH

Minivans are for people with kids or dogs. Craig should get a cute dog, cart it around in the minivan and take it for walks on the beach.

Anything with animals on it will impress a woman. A man in a minivan is not automatically un-sexy to a woman but a first impression might tell her he is on his way to the store for his wife and family. I believe Craig will come up with something just his style. Good luck to you Craig.


I would suggest to Craig that he paint murals on his minivan depicting himself doing things that are important to women - ordering flowers and chocolates, preparing a meal, mopping floors, shopping for groceries, changing a diaper, earning a decent living and most important - actually listening and communicating with a woman.

This may not help Craig, but it?s an angle to think about. My husband is a musician and music teacher and needed a vehicle to haul equipment. The best choice for us was a minivan. I got tired of people asking me after we got it if I was pregnant, we weren?t planning on having children. So I got a vanity plate that said WHATKDZ. We?ve had the best fun with it. My mother said we?d have to change it if we did have kids. I told her no, it would be funnier!
Maybe suggestions of vanity plates for him?

Newtown Square, PA

Now I know why I haven’t been attracting women. I’ve been driving minivans for almost 20 years. I think I’ll get some graphics painted on my Sienna.

I don’t think that artwork painted on Triedaq’s minivan will do him any good.

Mrs. Triedaq

While painting a motorcycle on the van is a good idea, it would only be sexy if he follows with a nice finish, because nothing is less sexy then a hand painted car without a finish. In fact, what it says is, “I’m trying to pick up ladies but am too cheap to actually do something nice”. I think a glitter finish in a bright color would also be attractive. Getting a leather interior and leaving the windows open might do it too, especially since once you initially attract her inside, you want to make sure she’s not repelled.

On a serious note, ryankuro has it right. What car a guy drives isn’t all that impressive to most women.

On a more fun note, going along with what Karen and Zoolia said, go with the motorcycle theme, but don’t do a harley. Paint on a light-cycle, preferably a new generation one:

Good for Craig!! I cheered when I heard him declare that he bought a minivan! As a 26 year old woman, I bought a minivan. I LOVED my van. Everyone asked me why a sexy girl like me was driving a minivan. After I explained to them the amount of car I got for the money, and how damn handy a van is, people realized that not only was I sexy, I was smart! Craig may not need to do anything to his van, he just needs to hook up with a girl who thinks like he does…or Craig needs to buy himself roof racks and accessories. Then get into biking or surfing–what ever people do in San Pedro. My husband won my attention and my heart, by often showing up at my old job (a flower shop) with his kayak on top of his car. I was smitten at first site. The first big gift my husband gave me were roof racks for my van. Nothing is cooler than a bright red canoe inverted on a light blue van, packed to the gills with coolers of beer and camping gear. Good luck Craig!

There is one sure way to make Craigs Minivan a Babe magnet without having to spend alot of money or paint the van. All he needs is one of those removable magnet signs that says “Puppy Rescue”. Women love puppies, and love Men who rescues puppies even more!
Good luck Craig.

Nice set of rims always makes a car look better. Stay away from the muffler though, it will sound bad.

I think you could start a new business called VanGo Camo. Since you already have artistic abilities, paint that van to look like a sexy car with a dog looking out the window. Women love a man with a sense of humor. Plus your van can be a moving ad for your new company. Make sure it doesn’t look dorky. You may want to get ideas from art students or hair dressers about the dorky part. Good Luck, keep it simple!!

Craig–paint the van. Dark green on top fading into black on the bottom. Put on lots of racing stripes in palest green. Where the racing stripes curve around windows, side panels or whatever, paint them to look like computer circuits. In one corner, paint a tiny gremlin trying to break the circuits apart. Techno-nerd plus creative (and humorous) imagination will draw the ladies’ attention! From there, you’re on your own.


I think the best and most honest thing Craig can do is put himself in the driver’s seat with a smile on his face and when he gets out…put his best foot forward! If he must paint it then I would recommend painting something that reflects who he is. Good luck Craig!

What’s really cool is that there is glow in the dark paint he could add to it to give an even cooler effect to that at night.

expensive, yes. worth it, I think so.

I think painting the van to look like a classic “woody” with surf boards would be fun, and perfect for SoCal. Add his business logo to the sides, humor and a business…always sexy.

Long Hair, wire rimmed eyeglasses, love beads, shag carpeting and a water bed…NOT!