Can minivans be sexy?

Craig from San Pedro doesn’t need to do anything to make driving a minivan sexy. Men who drive minivans are confident of their sexuality and don’t need to have macho props such as sports cars, trucks or SUVs to boost their sex appeal.

Hey Guys!! Making a mini van sexy? EASY! Put a surfboard on top of the roof rack (Screwing in place rcommended). A cheap used one can be had most anywhere near the coast. Some Ron Jon surf shop, Guy Harvey and Van’s stickers on the back window will certainly be the finishing touch for effect! Did it with my 1993 Villager…Looked Great!

I think minivans have come a long way on their own. Today’s Odyssey and Sienna look as nice as most crossover vehicles.

Many women go for men that drive a truck. The minivan should have dual air horn trumpets mounted on the roof. Clearance lights at each corner of the roof would help. I had running boards installed on the Ford Aerostar I once owned, because my parents were still living and it made it easier for them to get up into the van. However, my wife thought it improved the appearance, so maybe minivans should be equipped with running boards.

here’s a game plan: 1) get a well used (ideally banged up) minivan… a new one signals “I’ve got little kids now” (not that there’s anything wrong with that). 2) get roof rack for bikes, etc (used surf board good idea). 3) paint the van as a work vehicle (ie custom painter service name), but do it in an edgy/artsy design that shows that you’re both handy guy, but also your sensibility (downside = you’ll need to create a phony phone number or something, unless you already use a company names. 4) Finally, take all back seats out, keep it messy and cluttered enough to show you’re a workin guy, but tidy enough to suggest that a gal would be willing to get in it with you. (PS - from divorced father of 3 w 2004 Toyota Sienna - no seats for some time, banged up and also used as pick-up truck by 2 surly teens. Not perfect but doable)

Just put a puppy in the front seat. Problem solved.

A big puppy. Great Dane or something.

Hey Guys!

Come on now…Minivans are so taboo hey? I totally agree with Marty - pop on a surfboard. Instantly cool…even if you cant surf!

But above all, Minivans are actually pretty reliable, useful, nice to drive and PRACTICAL. I couldn’t be without my Toyota Sienna (I hear you phillyguy!) There are heaps of reliable Minivans on the market at the moment, including the Honda Odyssey and the Dodge Grand Caravan.

An old Minivan sometimes isn’t so sexy but get one that’s a couple of years old and make it sexier if need be. CARFAX have some really good offers at the moment actually - - 2013 Ford C-MAXs for $23,000.

carrying around a surfboard even if you don t surf=instant cool?

sounds like it equals bullcrap to me

I don t have anything against minivans. I just don t care for false advertising.

The surfboard thing won’t fool anyone living in Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Ohio or a whole bunch of other states more than a days drive from an ocean. Sorry, still not sexy, Useful as Heck, still not sexy.

You can’t judge a book by it’s cover. If someone cares about your vehicle, not who you are there is no reason to go there.