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Can a Minivan be Sexy?

We’re revisiting a classic question on Car Talk: Can a minivan be made sexy?

That’s the weighty question Craig in San Pedro put to Tom and Ray and since Craig posed his original question, we’re afraid that minivans haven’t gotten any sexier. (Missed Craig’s call? Here it here.)

We’re looking for your opinions – and we’d especially like to hear from the women out there. Can anything be done to a minivan to move the driver off the “neutered” list?

Tell us: Would you date a minivan owner?

Got a minivan? Share your dating strategies for the fellas (or the ladies) who are more like Craig, stuck in minivan-dating purgatory.

Get awesome shiny chrome wheels that sparkle in that california sunshine; add tinted windows… If you have your company information on it, be sure and add coordinated pin striping–not too much… Add a graphic of a cool painter guy with big muscles:)

put a winery sign on the outside and have wine spigots coming out of the side

Step 1: Get a Mastiff. Step 2: Get a bumper sticker that says "Mastiff Mobile."
What could be sexier than a guy who loves his dog so much that he got a vehicle the dog could be comfortable in?

Paint it black, mount a Mercedes Benz logo on the hood and hang a stethoscope from the rear view mirror.

I don’t care if it is sexy or not, it is a very handy vehicle. I can even haul 10 ft. boards in mine.

It’s hard to find a vehicle more practical than a mini van.

“It’s hard to find a vehicle more practical than a mini van.”

I agree, but…“practical” frequently does not equal sexy, and sexy almost never equals practical.

Paint minivan as chocolate delivery. Perfume appropriately, add a few “stock” items. Check mate.

Have some tools of your trade in the back. Especially something large. That is always sexy. Oh, and some spinner hubcaps. I love those things!

Can a can be sexy? Absolutely! I have never had more love sent my way than after getting my van painted by Alex Cook! See more at the You Are Loved mural project.

Sexy is superficial, practical is worth while.

Put a Formula 1 engine in it.

it all depends on the driver…

when I was single I had women tell me that dirty nails were appealing to them because they knew the guy worked that way

I am a minivan owner. I also am someone who also knows that the reason that SUV’s are cool and minivans are lame is that car companies wanted us to buy SUV’s because they were exempt from a variety of standards, being “light trucks” instead of cars. I have to assume there’s something sexy about being smarter than to fall for something like that – minivans are by far the more useful vehicle and get better mileage usually – and about not relying on an automobile to prove one’s “manhood” in the first place.

Tell Craig the painter to pony up to get a nice older convertible to contrast with his minivan. I would suggest a '93 to '99 BMW three series, preferably with a manual shift transmission like mine. Yes I appreciate the practicality of minivans - just sold my '05 Town & Country after ten years of ownership, but to a married couple with three children.

The ads that ATTEMPT to sell a minivan as if it were an E150, B150, or G150 ‘‘hippy’’ van from , say, the 70s or 80s just turn my stomach.
Paint it, or skin it anyway you want…it’s a minivan !
Shag carpet, big speakers…it’s a minivan for god’s sake.

Hope this helps - if he hasn’t figured out anything. First off, write on the rear window "HELP ME Buy this car! My EX-wife got the (fill in the blank)! Then get two good sized magnetic signs - one for each front door, make 'em good ones - that say something like Serious Dave’s Serious Painting. THEN, as soon as possible, buy either a Tahoe or Suburban, Z71 - black, of course, leather interior. You can find them used for a reasonable price with good extended warranties. I’d love to know what happened!


  1. Place two medium to large sized dogs in the minivan.
  2. Place animal adoption bumper sticker on car.
  3. Strap a kayak to the top.