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Chevy 3.6vvt rattle

our company 2016 equinox w/3.6vvt motor and 80k miles has a noticeable timing chain noise. we are under warranty. dealer today said it is normal noise and they dont think it is an issue. they said we have a warranty till 2021 which is true but we wont last that long as we drive alot. we will hit 100k within 12-15 months?
so, what do you do when dealer thinks rattle is ok?

document it. Make sure you have it in writing that the dealer has been made aware of this possible issue, and what your complaint is. (an invoice from the dealership stating your concern and their denial is perfect.) Also make sure that invoice has date and mileage on it.

Then, try another dealership, and repeat.

Having the documentation in place will help you build a case if this does fail after warranty is up.

funny. i found an 08 with a noisy chain that seller wants 500 for. i like to work on cars and have done timing belts but not a vvt chain setup. i know there is a lot of info online about how involved the repair is. chains alone? cam sprockets? tensioners? guides?