Lifter rattle?

Seller said it was running warm so it sat for awhile. 6 months? I drove it for 15-20 min and it ran fine. Yes a bit warm. Oil level is ok.
Pulled heads. Didn’t touch lifters.
Got it running today and it rattles like crazy. Let it idle for 1 min? Took off intake and all pushrods are ok. Yes intake and exh are different length. They are all in proper place. I took all rockers out. No play. They feel good. So? Lifters? Had no red oil pressure light on dash

Sounds like the oil feed to the lifter galley is clogged. Did the inside of the engine look like someone barbecued a pig in there? If so, a clog might be the issue.

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I would put an oil pressure gauge on it, the red light only comes on around 5PSI or less, way to low to pump up the lifters…

Lifters could have collapsed…

Seller could have added a thicker oil or additive to make the noise go away… I would assume you changed the oil since you had the heads off… lol

There was no coolant overspray in engine compartment. No evidence of overheating.
Inside motor looked normal. No crud under Valve covers, lifter valley is normal. I got it started 2 weeks ago to check coolant temp. Drove it around for 15-20 min. Idled fine. Everything looks the same compared to the ones I did before. I did take distributor dummy shaft out to change o-ring. It’s a hex drive on shaft bottom with gear drive. It dropped in fine. Internet pic
Tops of heads do have pooling oil so oil is being pushed up from block.

With valve cover removed, do you notice any unusual play in the valve-train while a helper manually turns the crankshaft by wrenching on the crank-bolt? Seems like if you have a collapsed lifter problem, you’d see it then. It’s possible of course the rattle has nothing to do with the valve mechanism.

Ran it for 1/2 hr and rattle is mostly gone. I will drive it for several days and see what it does. 4 previous equinoxes had zero rattle after headgaskets. So, I wondered what was up.