Noise by serpentine belt

I own a 2006 Kia Sedona which we bought brand new. Now after five years and 40,000 miles (we don’t drive it much) it has developed a rattling noise by the top serpentine pulley. I am afraid this is where the timing chain is. I am not even sure if this vehicle has a chain or belt. Could either one of these be the problem?

It seems most likely that the rattle is related to the serpentine belt - bad tensioner, bad pulley bearing - or whatever. How old is that belt? If original then its due.

I don’t know if it has a chain or a belt (you have an owner’s manual that would list a timing belt chain interval if its a belt). But a belt won’t rattle. The chain might but at this age & miles it would be really weird if it had a problem - unless, of course, you’ve neglected the heck out of the oil. Have you?

But in the end what you have here is way too vague to get much of use via internet. Just have a mechanic listen & check it out.

No way, I do my oil changes myself. I even use synthetic oil. I looked in the manual and can’t find anything regarding a timing belt/chain replacement interval.

Kia’s 3.8 6cyl uses a chain. Seems like you’re fairly familiar with the motor.

If you can’t locate the exact location, use either a mechanics stethoscope or a solid piece of metal (like a 1/2 breaker bar), and touch the various locations to positively identify the spot. Once you find it, well, you’ve found it.

Going by the initial post I didn’t mention it - but if you change your own oil then you can probably remove your own serpentine belt. So pull it off and briefly run the van without the belt. See if the noise remains.

(You obviously don’t want to drive around like this or run it long - just enough to check out the noise).

Some Guys Use A Piece Of Hose, But For Less Than 20 Bucks You Can Become The Proud Owner Of An Automotive Stethoscope. It’s Fun To Let The Neighbors Think You’ve Gone Mad.

Carefully probe around. Don’t have any loose clothing and be careful where you stick that thing. Watch out for moving parts ! Oh, and be careful, a little noise turns into a real roar on the old eardrums.

I have found that I can carefully touch the stationary center nut on some pulleys and check bearings that way.

Most auto parts stores and Sears sell the stethoscopes. Wear a white lab coat if you’ve got one and complete the Dr. Motors look.


“Wear a white lab coat if you’ve got one and complete the Dr. Motors look”.

This is absolutely the wrong approach. Put on old dirty overalls and have a sledge hammer and propane torch in your hand. The car will know that it will either get burned or beaten and this should scare the noise out of it.

That’s Not A Sledge Hammer. That’s Stubborn Parts Tool #26. You Can Do More With A Torch And A Kind Word Than You Can Do With Just A Kind Word.


Long Shot - Can The Rattling Noise Be A “Knocking” Noise And Is There Any Chance It’s Coming From Down Lower ? Does Running / Not Running The Air Conditioning Change Anything ?

FYI - Kia’s got a Technical Service Bulletin for only 2006 & 2007 Kia Sedonas that make a knocking noise during A/C operation. Their fix is a redesigned compressor disc + hub assembly.


Impala69, More Information. The Real Thing This Time, Really.

3.3 or 3.8L engine ?

2006 Sedona
Does the noise sound like timing chain/bearing clearance noise, occur at cold start-up (cold engine after sitting several hours) and last just 3 or 4 seconds ?
Kia recommends: do nothing.

Does the noise sound like valve lash (valve tap ) noise OR timing chain noise that lasts longer than the initial 3 - 4 seconds with engine cold or warm ?
Kia recommends: Replace both timing chain tensioners with part # 24410 3C300 (unless it’s been done already).

2006-2007 Sedona
There’s also a catalytic converter heat shield noise and an adjustment possible.

All these noises and solutions are described (and some photos) in a 4 page Kia Engine Group Technical Service Bulletin # 028 - Revised (dated April 2008). See if the parts or service guys at your Kia dealer will discuss the bulletin with you and make you a copy. Please don’t quote my information for accuracy, but I think you should have a look at it. I couldn’t find a copy online, but maybe you can.


I Found A Link !

Once you open this go down a little to GregsKia Senior Member’s Post and click on the ENG 028.pdf (240.0 KB, 91 views) link.


What’s The Drivetrain Warranty On These Little Beauties ?


Thanks for all your help and everyone else too. Just went out to garage to start it and listen to it again. It definitely doesn’t sound like a knocking. Also tried turning the A/C on and off a couple times and it made no difference. Looking over my records today I realized that this is the original serpentine belt. It sure sounds like a bad pulley or bad tensioner when you’re standing there seeing the rotation with the noise they kinda go together. I know, that doesn’t make sense, does it? By the way, warranty is 10 yrs. or 100,000 miles

An old serpentine belt can make all sorts of noise. Since it’s due, try replacing the belt first. I’m partial to Goodyear Poly-V. When I got my Father-in-Law’s 1993 Caprice in 2002 it had the original belt. I thought the AC compressor was shot from the noise it was making. A new belt fixed that.

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You’re Welcome.

That’s a great warranty.

You certainly can put a new serpentine belt on and see if that takes care of it. If you’re still not convinced that’s it then go to the dealer and have it written up and see if it qualifies for a repair. Keep all repair-order receipts with the specific complaints in writing, as you’ve done.


Here’s the latest update everyone. It turned out to be the belt idler pulley, once this was replaced is good as new. The belt is good by the way. Oh…Another happy ending. Once again thanks to everyone for your replies.