2012 Chevrolet Equinox - Timing chain noise

Timing Chain making loud noise at starting for few mins than quite down and water collecting in the PCV tube going to the engine from air box burning oil every 1000 km have to add a 1 Litre every time should have been a recall by GM i have done only 12000 kms on this car.

Sounds like a very worn engine (piston rings) - maybe from too-old and/or too-low oil.


Why would ANY manufacturer do a recall of a ten year old vehicle with 120,000 kilometers on it? Have you changed oil every six months with oil and filter specified for your vehicle.
Many vehicles are abused in that amount of time.

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Oil consumption is a known problem, there was a warranty extension in the U.S. market for the repair that expired of 7 1/2 years/120,000 miles.

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Too bad gm can’t make better timing chains. The sbc chains seemed so good. Kinda like Hyundai and metallurgy issues with their motors.

They are probably not made by GM, but by a subcontractor that submitted the lowest bid.

No kidding. And made in China, too.