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2013 Chevrolet Equinox - Lemon law or warranty

I picked a 2013 Equinox in April mo last year with 77,500 miles on it. Since then I have put an additional 11,000 miles on it. The oil has been changed twice( at 5,000 mile intervals) On Monday January 21st, as cold as ot was in Niagara Falls,N.Y. area,when I started it up, it was “chattering/clattering”. Figured that it was just cold it would go away when engine warmed up.Someone heard it and sounded like something was underneath. Opened hood,saw no snow or anything else.Drove it home for the night.The next day,same thing when I started it:“chattering/clattering”.When I drove it to my mechanic to have a look at it, that’s when the warning lights came on. He noticed that I was leaking oil and take it to Chevy dealer where I bought it. they stated the rear oil seal had blown out and why I was still driving it. To;d them what had happened on Monday and no warning lights came on till today. They looked at it and said they had to call inspector to see if the
extended warranty that I picked up when I bought it would cover it.Would this be covered under the "Lemon Law"or is this something different?Someone had stated that a memo was sent out notifying dealers/owners of potential problem.Who would have been responsible for getting it fixed?The former owner who I’m guessing they leased it or the dealer when the had it in thier possession? Thank You

This is not a ’ Lemon Law ’ issue at all. The warranty you bought will have the final say on if it is covered or not. Other wise you will have the repair cost. I have no idea why you think the former owner would be expected to pay for a repair on a vehicle they no longer own.


Unless the car has a used car warranty expressly spelled out in a piece of paper you have in-hand, the repair is all on you. Used cars are not covered under lemon laws and unless a warranty is in writing, it is sold AS-IS.

Go to the dealer who sold you the used car warranty. I cross my fingers your aftermarket warranty covers it but majority are masters of getting out of paying!

There’s a known problem apparently on the 6 banger (3.6L) engine where the crankshaft number 3 thrust bearing wing separates from the thrust bearing. The result is too much play in the crankshaft, and it eventually damages the crankshaft rear seal and housing. Ask your dealership for a copy of tsb 14-06-01-002A.

A “thrust bearing” is a gadget that limits the amount of motion in the long-axis direction of the crankshaft. If there’s too much back and forth motion weird noises could result.

Repairing the oil leak would likely be covered by the extended warranty but the damage caused by driving without oil and continuing to drive with engine noise might be denied by the warranty company.


the dealer knows that most customers may continue to drive with a problem. a blown seal that results in low oil and engine damage is pushing the “time” button with them. if you say you knew of issue but drove for several days than you may be on thin ice.

oil was put in when “low oil” light came on. there’s was no more chatter/clatter afterwards.

That is not a low oil light, it’s an oil pressure light. If the light comes on damage is being done.

The 2010-2013 Equinox 2.4 DI 4 cyl engine had issues with premature wear of oil control rings and timing chain stretch. I can’t speak for rear seal leaks. My 2013 Equinox had noticeable oil consumption starting between 20k and 25k miles. At 42k the pistons, rings, and a timing chain were replaced under warranty, oil consumption was 1qt/1500 miles at this point. Oil changes were 5k and oil level was checked and topped off on a regular basis. At 78k miles, oil consumption is around 0.5 qt/5k miles.

Ed B.

Others have given solid advice, but as a desert dweller I have to wonder: did you expect to find snow under your hood? Is this is a thing?

No, normally you would not find snow under a hood unless you went in a ditch or something. Some folks just grasp at straws when they hear strange noises whether it makes any sense or not. Yeah and lemon laws are only for new cars as in never been titled before, not used cars. Sometimes it’s best though to remain silent and simply say there is an oil leak rather than providing information on driving without oil to provide an opportunity to deny a claim.

Are you sure? That’s fine if you are, but a few of my GM vehicles have oil pressure alerts and low oil alerts (illuminate when approximately 1 quart low). They have a sensor in the side of the oil pan.

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CSA you got me curious, so I checked my 2013 Equinox manual. The dashboard light (red oil can) is for oil pressure. A “Low oil level” message may appear in the Driver Information Center (DIC) on some vehicles according to manual.

The lowest oil level on mine was at the tip of the dipstick during an oil consumption test. I did not see a low oil level message, it was about 1 1/2 quarts low.

My 1993 Caprice has low oil, coolant, and gas light on the dash though.

Ed B.

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