Can YOU identify this vehicle?

Can anyone identify this vehicle? No badge and a very unusual hood design. I believe the photo was taken in Thailand.

Hello . . . ?!

WHAT photo . . . ?!

NOBODY can identify an invisible vehicle :smirk:

Wonder Woman’s invisible jet??


No clue, but I love the hood lock and handle.

Some old Suzuki?

Have no idea what the vehicle is but I do wonder what prompted the unusual screen name .

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Since Japan has a 90% market share in the Thai auto sales this is a good bet, just can’t find anything with a hood like that.

I tried on Google images, got nothing useful.

I was thinking Suzuki as well, but I can’t find a match for it. Then I thought Eastern European/Soviet era (Gaz/Lada/etc.) but can’t find anything that matches either, the early Lada Niva is close, but the turn signals are in the wrong place. Then I started looking at kei trucks, but this thing is bigger than those. I dunno.

I was thinking an old Land Rover but the grill and windshield are wrong. Amber turn signals were not used in the US though until the early 60’s or thereabouts so must not be more than 50-60 years old.

OP thinks the picture was taken in Thailand, so age is truly a mystery

Suzuki’s of that era tended to look more utilitarian, sort of basic Jeep-like. I don’t think it is a Suzuki. The styling is sort of reminiscent of International. But that top hat thing doesn’t look International. The closest new car to that I’d say is the Mercedes SUV, G-class I think they call it. So my guess is an old Mercedes.

I would have guessed the 40’s or 50’s except the amber signal lights plus the one piece windshield probably puts it in the 60’s or so. Maybe even later. I looked at Rover, Suz, Isusu, etc. and nothing has that lack of detail hood and fender design. Obviously whoever made it didn’t have much access to sheet metal presses for body parts. The Rover Defender sure comes close though. The Brits with their affinity for hand made body panels might be the ones for limited models.

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Yea I keep coming back to Defender trucks @George_San_Jose1mentioned International which I also thought was close, my guess is it’s some knockoff Thai truck or the front end has been so badly remade that it’s unrecognizable.

Not a Defender, International, or Mercedes. Lots of Asian models we never get here, it’s one of them.

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Could it be one of these, with a bunch of homemade bodywork?

Might have been made in India?

My search came up with a Citroen Pony, looks sort of similar.

A search of Indian automobiles results in a world of makes and models with many connected to European brands. I gave up looking at the pictures.There were lots of faux Jeeps and Land Rovers made there since WW II.

Let’s see … :thinking:
No badge … hmmm… :thinking:
A very unusual hood design … hmmm… :thinking:
Had its picture taken in Thailand … hmmm… :thinking:

Oh, Oh, I’ve got it! :smiley:

No, never mind. :slightly_smiling_face:
Darn! I thought I had it! :anguished:
Could I have just 1 more clue? Please? :hugs:

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