What is this car called?

I’m just curious to know what is this car called:



Photo taken June 2010 in Taipei, Taiwan

I have to wonder why people blank out license plates in photos? After all they are required by law to be publicly displayed?

The ID is on the left side of the trunk. It looks like it is a Mercedes Benz S500 sedan.

In fact, it is the AMG version of the Benz S500 sedan.
Translation: This is the ultra-expensive hot-rod version of the S500.

A bit confusing - the AMG versions now typically have two numbers, so it would be an S55, S63, or an S65. It looks like it’s labeled an S600 (the V12), so I’m guessing it has an AMG trim package, rather than the full AMG package. Still an amazing (and amazingly expensive) car…

edit-I checked, this has the AMG trim package (wheels, trim, ground effects), rather than the full AMG package (engine, suspension, brakes). The trim package ‘only’ cost $6,000 or so additional…

I see S600

Do you also see the AMG placard on the right side of the trunk lid?

I just find it amazing that a person was looking right at (not to mention took a picture of) the model number, the MB emblem, and the AMG label and still needs to ask what kind of car it is.

I do. I didnt think the AMG was in question

The expression, “can’t see the forest for the trees” comes to mind.

All I can think of is that the OP is not familiar with the Mercedes-Benz emblem, and had no idea that it was a Benz. Hopefully the OP was able to read the S500 (or S600) designation on the left and the AMG placard on the right.

Because there’s a fear that if you post a nice ride on the internet, someone will see it and want to steal it, and then find out where you live by tracing the plate.

Of course, there’s also a fear that aliens will take over the planet. Maybe we should blur out the world :wink:

Looks like Mecedes S500 that someone stuck an AMG badge on. It doesn’t have the proper AMG wheels, and it looks like it lacks the AMG body parts as well. The owner must’ve thought that having a standard S500 just wasn’t impressive enough.

Are you saying counterfit parts/badges are available in the Far East??? I’m SHOCKED, SHOCKED I tell you!!