Can YOU identify this vehicle?


It’s either my mail carrier’s truck, stolen and repainted, or it’s a Thai GTO. What did I win?


The Hindustani Trekker is not too far off, at least that weird horizontal grille matches.


It’s quite rusty.


Based on the possible Hindustani Trekker, here’s a photo. Looks related to me.


Mercedes Benz? Which hub cap do I believe?


that is insulting to the the Benz hub cap

I just noticed that not only are the hub caps different, so are the rims

BOTH of those green SUVs are hideous, in my opinion

And they were probably hideous when brand new, as well

And they’d probably be hideous brand new and with a different colour

there ought to be a law :smirk:


Green is the color you’d want if you want camouflage in a sub-tropical jungle. For hunters, might be a very good vehicle. The top hat isn’t quite the same between the OP photo and this one.


Some kind of old cabs. Explore the car, if you can. It has sense.


That is Ford Fierra. It was a common AUV (Asian Utility vehicle) back then when I was in Philippines. It competed with Toyota Tamaraw.