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Help identify a trespasser

We have photos of this vehicle on our property at 1 am and would like to figure out to whom it belongs. Does anyone recognize the features of the make or model? I’ve checked out google image search until I’m cross-eyed!


Looks like a small SUV with an external spare tire…Suzuki/Geo of some sort?

1980’s Toyota Land Cruiser.

If this is really important, get better lighting and cameras for your property.

my guess is a Ranger or explorer

What features? The pictures are not acceptable for identifying any car. Try again to get decent photos.

If there is a serious problem stay up and get the tag number.

Also, my wife was somewhat paranoid so I installed motion detector lights that are turned on when there is any movement beyond the curb at night. Such a light might be very discouraging to kids looking for a quiet place to neck. And it would be somewhat easy to wire in a horn to the light, also.

It looks like a pathfinder mid 90’s

Looks like Geo Tracker/ Suzuki Sidekick to me

The side marker lights are a dead giveaway