What make and modell is this?

A good friend of mine sent me this picture, link: http://img…oonlo0.jpg

and asked me if I could name the make and the model. I have tried a few, like Honda, Vauxall and Toyota, all from around 96 or so, but none of these are the right one.

From the picture, it seems to be a English version, since it has a right steering wheel, but other than that, I don’t have a clue, I am stuck. So please help.

maybe a saab???

headlights look like a honda

That’s what I first thought too, a Honda of some sort, but my friend says no. The only thing he’s expanded on, is that it’s a “Asian car built on a European frame, and that it’s a Saloon type of vehicle,” which leads me to believe it’s sold in GB. (Maybe Australia or Hong Kong.)

Here is a list of right and countries http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Driving_on_the_left_or_right

I believe this is a British-built joint venture car with Honda. British Leland at that time had an agreement with Honda to build a sedan based on the Honda Accord. I forgot what it was called, but it had a different grill and a few other changes. True to British car building tradition, they screwed it up and built what was believed to be the only really bad Honda Accord ever made.

The venture ended when BMW bought British Leland for $1.2 billion and a few years later gave it away for $12 in order to cut their losses. They managed to keep the Mini name.

It looks almost like a Nissan Skyline(R33 i think), without the rice

Sterling 800.

I think it’s a Mitsubishi sedan of some sort. Diamante?


Make that another vote for a Mitsubishi. I recall that they had some kind of agreement with a European manufacturer at one time, so that may explain the Asian/European background. (Some of the smaller Volvos were built on a Mitsubishi chassis, IIRC, and it is possible that this worked in other ways as well.)

it looks like a japanese specification mitsubishi gallant,we have them here in england,but they have slightly altered styling for the u.k market.(diffrent lights,grille etc…)or it could be a nissan bluebird which is a japaneese only model.its definately not a sterling ( in the u.k.thats called a rover ,which have ended production. )hope this helps!

Some good suggestions here. I am also leaning towards the Mitsubishi “Galant line.” of vehicles. It does not look like to be a car made after 2000, and when looking at the 1995 trough 99 Galant/Diamante line up, there are a few minor design details that does not look the picture in my initial post. (Hood, above front bumper, etc.)

I finally got the answer to my initial question. The vehicle in the pictures is a 1996 Ford Telstar II. It was made for sale in Japan, on a Mazda 626 platform.