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Browser troubles?

Can’t access this forum using my Android phone or Internet Explorer. Works fine using Chrome. Anyone else having trouble or is it all at my end?

I think it is at your end . Internet Explorer is not supported anymore . Why not upgrade to windows 10 as it is much better anyway.

I am using IE version 11.0 and it works fine for me.

Have you tried using Chrome on your Android? Works for me.

Windows 7 is on its way out and will lose support on Jan 14, 2020. Problems like this are going to get worse with time once support ends. At least use a better supported browser such as Chrome or Firefox if you stick with this outdated operating system.

Eventually those will lose support and compatibility and security issues will make it not worthwhile. This is what I do for a living and tell people they need to get off Windows 7 ASAP.

Ya, I think there’s a new laptop for me under the tree this year, so that should cure the Windows 10 issue.

But on a side note, there seem to be an awful lot of programs out there that don’t work with Edge browser. I’m not particularly an IT guy, but at work if I don’t have Explorer I can’t fix cars. I can’t access Alldata Pro using Edge, I can’t register new keys to your 2017 Ford unless I register with NASTF which required me to open a window in Explorer instead of Edge. I don’t know if these are security issues or browser issues or what.

Personally I do not have a doom and gloom outlook for win 7. Never use IE, chrome has been my go to. I have an Ativirus program. I used XP way past it’s expiration date, and plan do do the same with win 7.


Some people get away with running outdated OSes. You have to make sure the browser is at least supported and receives updates. Hopefully your antivirus software is of decent quality and also still gets updates.

I am not for running outdated OSes and frequently see the disaster that result. Of course I don’t see the success stories. We had at least 40 businesses in the area fall victim to a major data breach and ransomware attack back in June. Many of these businesses are still recovering or trying to recover. I see isolated breaches quite frequently as well. Remember that fines for HIPAA violations and such can be up to $500,000 PER INCIDENT. If a doctor with hundreds of customers get breached that essentially puts them out of business. The other deal is it is the wild west out there. Those enforcing the rules don’t know them and enforcement is lax. Businesses running Windows 7 will automatically be out of compliance with HIPAA and PCI as of Jan 15th, 2020.

Remember that many of the newsworthy hacks/data breaches were caused by outdated software and poor security practices. These include EquiFax, WannaCry, and NotPetya. NotPetya is the most interesting and catastrophic data breach most have never heard of. Many call it the cyber attack that almost crashed the world based on the Maersk incident alone. The sad thing was that WannaCry exploited the same flaw earlier and people still didn’t upgrade. This should have been a warning for what was to come. Then came along NotPetya. Maersk was saved by a power outage at one of their data centers in Africa.

Windows 7 is fine for browsing CarTalk and such. Read the news, check the weather, etc. but do not do anything where you would care if the system was compromised. Curtail online banking and do not store any financial or personal information on these systems unless they are disconnected from the internet. Many worm type attacks can occur without users installing malware or being tricked by scammers. The computer just being on and connected to the internet is enough.

I am on my Android phone and it’s working ok.

Edge sucks. Use Chrome or Firefox.

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Everybody has their preference for a browser. I personally pick Chrome but I am OK with your choice as long as it is ANYTHING but Internet Explorer.

Use Chrome or Firefox browsers on older OS like windows 7 to access this forum.IE is on its way out.

I have had to switch to pale moon browser for some cctv applications as a workaround for remote cameras, wonder if it will support flash after the no more supported date. @cwatkin

I don’t know but it looks like IE and Edge will lose Flash about a year from now. The CCTV system may need to be removed from the network.

no worries, ASE, Windows 10 includes IE 11, it is hidden, but it’s still there.

in start menu type “Internet Explorer”, it will find it, then start it and once it’s running, “pin” it on task bar so you have easy method to start it again

yes, very true, but until a number of companies stop using “IE plugins” of various kinds, it is the only platform still running them, as Chrome and FireFox dropped support long time ago.

I run into companies that still require IE and it is shocking. There are also IE tab extensions you can get for other browsers to make things compatible if that is needed.

Yep. IE 11 is still in Windows 10 because of these compatibility reasons. Some website won’t work with any other browser so it is still there but hidden.

Oh I know, been doing that for some time now. It’s just frustrating to have to switch back and forth between browsers to get something simple done.

Why do “they” build websites that aren’t compatible with IE? I’m all for progress and I welcome change for the better. But if I have a wrench that does what I need it to do, why do I have to start using a different one?

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Agree if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

I also wasn’t able to access this forum past two or three days. The page came up blank except for the top red line " blogs … ". I don’t know if the problem I was having was fixed by the IT folks on my end or the IT folks on the car talk end, but however it was resolved, it’s working ok today.

You don’t remember when everybody had to go out and buy metric wrenches to go with your SAE sets. I am sure in England there were mechanics who hat to but SAE to go with their Whitworth and then had to go buy metric. And how about having to go from slotted screwdrivers to Phillips to torx to pozidrive.

I recommend using an open source browser. They are safer and they don’t spy on you.