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Is there something wrong with this site

…or is it my computer?
The normal formatting has disappeared, and everything suddenly seems to have a particularly low-rent appearance.
Has anyone else observed this change, just within the last few hours?

It did that to me 6 hours ago, cleared up quickly, fine now.

It’s a new feature for people who don’t contribute to NPR…


“cleared up quickly, fine now.”

Not here!
I ran both an anti-virus scan and a spyware scan, and I rebooted my computer, and even though every other site that I visit appears to be “normal”, this site currently looks like something from the early '90s on my screen.

And it’s been fine for me all day. But then I do have a mac…

I have never been interested in joining cults.


But, on a positive note, everything appears normal on my screen at this point.

All normal here.

No problem for me either. Safari on an iPad.

Fine for me all day using Firefox.


Based on your comment, I assume you contribute

I also contribute $10/month to my local npr-affiliated radio station

I did not experience this problem. I have had problems lately with MSN home page freezing. Microsoft has been pushing their Windows 10 upgrade. Knowing them I suspect the help solution will be installing Windows 10 which is rumored to have many problems including non-removable Ad/Spyware. My Windows 7 Professional with IE 11 otherwise works fine. We are Microsoft. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

Cromebook all is fine, check your extensions or addons and disable any questionable ones.

Cartalk has been fine, but like Sarge I’ve found MSN to be getting unstable. Like him, I’ve also heard of problems with Windows 10, one being incompatibility with things like printer drivers. Being ornery, I refuse to upgrade (not wanting to buy a new printer) until I cannot use my existing setup anymore. MS is, definitely, pushing the issue hard. I will NOT be intimidated!

I’ve got 8.1 and I refuse to upgrade until I have to, and I’d have to pay someone so why should I do that again? Seems to me these things should be good for more than a year without an upgrade unless there is a very serious reason to develop a new version.

"I’ve got 8.1 and I refuse to upgrade until I have to, and I’d have to pay someone so why should I do that again? "

Why would you have to pay someone? Windows 10 is a free upgrade.

I have a Mac at my grandsons insistence. He says he doesn’t have time to help a Luddite like me keep a PC running .

Joe Guy: “Why would you have to pay someone? Windows 10 is a free upgrade.” Which is probably why it sucks!

I bought a new Windows 10 laptop and immediately upgraded to Windows 7. I also turned off all Microsoft updates and it’s running like a dream. Let Microsoft manage your computer and you are just asking for trouble. Their “updates” are updates in name only. I use Firefox and MSE for security and do my own updates.

Windows 10 main purpose was for windows phones and cleaned up many security holes. It’s also much lighter operating system that many applications do run much faster.

With that said there have been several problems with third party applications…Adobe Flash and firefox is the most troublesome. If you’re having problems on a specific site…check to see if any video’s are being displayed (for ads)…if so…then the problem may be with Flash. Try switching to IE or Chrome.

As for printer drivers…I haven’t had any issues…but there may be. And most of the time for issues like this it’s not microsoft…but the printer company. Windows-10 security fixes was to be much more strict on their driver protocols…This may have caused printer companies who were not very compliant to have problems now that Microsoft fixed the security holes.

As with all upgrades from Microsoft…it can be painful at times.

Windows 10 is a free upgrade.

The upgrade may be free, but Microsoft is hasn’t disclosed their long term plans for Windows 10’s pricing model. There’s a large camp believing it will go to an annual subscription model.