2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio

I am soooo wanting to get this car: https://www.carfax.com/vehicle/ZASFAKAN0J7B80240

I’ve read lots of good things, and little bad, but the little bad things are nagging at me.

I doubt if any of the regulars here will even look at a used Alfa . These are the kind of vehicles people lease and turn in when the lease is up .


Thanks… And that is exactly something I’m considering. Key word …considering.

Here is Consumer Reports’ capsule description of the Stelvio:

" … delivers fantastic handling that makes it fun to drive on a twisty road. That, however, doesn’t mean it’s fun to live with on a daily basis, and it falls short of most competitors on the refinement and luxury quotients. … “punchy” engine that gets 24 mpg on PREMIUM gas. The ride is a bit jittery, but the suspension absorbs bumps rather well. Among the annoyances are a driving position with a limited range of seat adjustments, and controls that are not user-friendly. … parking sensors are too sensitive and go off constantly in an urban environment. Rear and side visibility are wanting, and the cargo hold is modest."

They rate its reliability as “average”, along with its Owner Satisfaction, and they give it an overall score of 67.

By contrast, the Mazda CX-5’s reliability is rated as “well above average”, and the Owner Satisfaction is listed as “above average”. Its overall score is 84.

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Car and Driver had a VERY rough time with the Alfa they tested:

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Italian cars in general (Alfa and Fiat) have a reputation for poor reliability and expensive maintenance costs.


Thanks appreciate the input.

THANKS… Really appreciate directing me to this article. Very Helpful

Thanks… JD Power has a similar report. My bubble is slowly bursting. Better now than later…

the front of that vehicle looks like an Edsel. I’d stay away from it just because of the toilet look. :smiley:

The right customer for this is well off and wants a fun weekend toy and doesen’t mind if it is in the shop again because they will just drive one of their 4 or 5 other cars.


Yeah… reality is setting in. That defitenitely is not me, or my budget. And the more I reflect on my test drive of the CX-5 Grand Touring the over the weekend… I wasn’t super comfortable in the drivers seat. I may need something a little bigger.

If you are referring to vehicle size then that is not going to be the answer. We have a 2018 Ford Fiesta and use it every day and made a 1500 mile vacation trip and it was just fine . Of course our Volvo is also comfortable .
Me thinks you are over thinking this vehicle purchase . As I have said before , if there is another person in your home that will drive and ride in the vehicle that is the only person whose opinion matters.

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Not as sporty perhaps but you might try a few similar crossovers like the CRV or the Rav4, some have more comfortable seats than others but it really can be personal opinion.

Thank you for telling me that You think I’m over thinking my vehicle purchase. . That’s really helpful. :roll_eyes:

The other person in the house was the one who wanted to post questions on here…

Test driving a Volvo tomorrow

It better be a new Volvo . As a Volvo owner I will say that this is also one of those Lease type vehicles then turn back in . We have had good service with our 2010 V70 but it was new and I would never buy one used . Add Mercedes , BMW , Jaguar and Audi to that list.

So I have test driven the Mazda CX-5,… Subaru Crosstrek, and Forester… Volvo XC60, Nissan Murano and the Kia Sorento (really nice)…And the winner is…

https://www.hendrickhondasc.com/used-Easley-2016-Nissan-Murano-Platinum-5N1AZ2MH9GN158772 [hendrickhondasc.com]


More familiar with the Rogue but the Murano gets great reviews and has proved reliable. Sounds like exactly the car for you!

WELL… I made my decision and I purchased a 2017 KIA Sorento EX-V6.

Thanks for all the help.