Charger hellcat vs alfa romeo giulia quad?

If you had the choice between these 2 cars and they were the exact same price which would you go for as the overall better vehicle?

For a daily driver, neither one.

For a Saturday weekend cruiser, The Hellcat, Just because I like it’s looks better.

Then I’d sell it before the warranty expires.


Better for what ? I don’t really call this a true comparison because they are very different type of vehicles.


In general. Not comparing. Pretty much if you had the money for either and they were priced exactly the same which would you personally prefer?

Neither one and why do you even care what anyone thinks .
Read online reviews and you will get a better picture of the vehicles.

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Better is a relative term, the Alfa Romeo looks good but hasn’t been a reliable car. I’d take the hellcat but probably not long term.

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I like opinions.

Well then, my opinion:
Mustang Shelby GT500 for a coupe.
Jaguar XJ for a sedan.


If I had the kind of money to just go buy one or the other, cost wouldn’t be a consideration.

The Charger because it’s got a Hemi V-8.

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A second vote for a Shelby Mustang GT350.

Neither the Charger nor the Alfa are reliable and I don’t like my fun interrupted by tow trucks.


I would take the Charger but don’t mention either of these in the same breath as better overall vehicle.90+ percent of the cars on the road are better overall vehicles. The only American Vehicle I can think of as less practical was the Ram SRT 10 with the rear wimg that prevented you from using the pickup bed.

Charger Hellcat, it looks better IMHO, it’s been around for quite some time, so build quality and reliability should be about at their pinnacle as far as that goes for an FCA product and it should be far less expensive to repair and modify.

None of these are on the list of cars I’d like to own. Not even for the low, low price of free.

As a Mopar fan I’d take the Charger without hesitation. Why?
The Charger has been around for a while. The state patrol uses them (not the Hellcats) and if they were garbage they would not use them. I’ve talked to a few troopers and they said they did the job well.

Alfa is too close to being a Fiat and having worked for a dealer who took on a Fiat franchise (in spite of every tech in the shop saying no, no, hxxx no) which ended up bankrupting the company and costing me the best job I ever had left a bad taste in my mouth towards anything Italian.

Not the full on Quad but this is the same color/wheels as the one i see locally. Nice car but I’d want to look at the german alternatives as well (BMW/Audi/Mercedes) since the Alfa dealer is at least a 50 mile round trip and the other dealers aren’t that far up I-5 from there.