Jaguar or Alfa

I’m looking at buying an Alfa Romeo Giulia or a Jaguar XE between 2018 and 2020. Which car in your opinion is more reliable, better put together, and cost the least to maintain?

It is hit or miss luck of the draw, pick the one that makes you happiest. Only reference point I knw is friends Jaguars were terrible in snow if that is a concern.

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Hahahahaha…oh, you’re serious? Those are two of the least reliable makes out there, at least you left off Range Rover.


The Jag over the Alfa but not by much and 2020 for sure because there is warranty left…

Both cars will drag you straight to insanity and financial ruin quicker than cocaine and hookers after they run out their warranties (the car’s warranties… not the hookers and cocaine! :laughing:). That is why both are so cheap to buy as off-warranty used cars.


Not sure about that!

Maybe I exaggerate (and wax poetic) just a little bit… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Either, but only buy new, trade it in when the 36/36000 expires.

Jaguar has a 5 year 50K mile warranty and the Alfa a 4 year 50K mile warranty… Jag for the WIN.

What country are you in ? The US network for Alfa is almost non-existent and Jaguar is not much better . These are lease new and dump vehicles and neither one will be found in the reliable vehicle booklet.

That would be like me going to the doctor, and he says “would you rather have a root canal or a prostate exam?”


Is that bumper to bumper? Awesome

I would definitely be looking into an extended warranty if I get one lol. I know owning cars like that can be like playing Russian roulette. What’s going to break when I turn the key this time.

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If I had to pick one, I’d go with the Jaguar. Long term test Alfas have failed, see Car and Driver’s test.
How Reliable Is the 2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio? (

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Most of those extended warranties have loop holes large enough to drive a semi truck through .


It’s really a coin toss for reliability between the two, somewhat depending on how often the car was serviced and how convenient the dealer is.

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I’d take the Jaguar and you should really avoid those 3rd party warranties. The ads make it sound like car repair expenses are a thing of the past but the reality is far different.
They don’t mention deductibles every trip in or reasons which they will use to deny a claim. “Sorry; that’s normal wear and tear. Not covered…”.


Jaguar Certified warranty would cover up to 7yrs old and 100,000 total miles (at least the ones that i’ve found on the lot. Extension of the original warranty but it’s a limited warranty so you’d want details.

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In considering those, the first thing would be to check which has the best local mechanic and see if you like them.


They haven’t sold enough of either in the US for Edmunds to proved an estimate of maintenance and repair costs. I use them to determine approximate estimated cost of ownership using the same rating system.

Consumer Reports has no data on the Jag XE, but perhaps that is because it is a discontinued model. Or, it might be the result of too few having been sold in order to be able to compile reliable stats. In any event, every other Jag model is graded as “worse than average” in reliability by CR.

CR rated the 2017 Giulia as “much worse than average” overall, and the 2018 model was “worse than average”. They couldn’t come up with any stats for the 2019 model due to very low sales figures.