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Alfa Romeo's SUV

…might possibly be wonderful, but with sales figures this low, I question how long Fiat-Chrysler will be able to market this vehicle in the US marketplace before they are forced to pull the plug.

Only about 300 sold in the entire USA over a period of three months?

Just be glad that you didn’t pay for an Alfa Romeo franchise…

I’d have to wait at least two years before I’d even consider it. Their sedan’s reliability has been terrible.

It can’t sell like an RX350 right out of the box. The Cadillac CT-6 had low first year sales and sells quite well now. Poor reliability may not be important. It hasn’t hurt Land Rover sales. Last year, Landies had the shortest stay on the dealer’s lot. I think any dealer accepting an Alfa Romeo franchise must have something extra to make them willing to accept the risk of selling a brand that hasn’t been marketed here for decades. A local Chevy dealer took on Oldsmobile around 2001, despite the tenuous future for the brand. It didn’t look dumb when they replaced Oldsmobile with a Cadillac franchise when Olds was discontinued.

In most areas of the U.S. a support structure for Alphas is weak if at all existent. If you have support services local to you, you’re fortunate. If not, getting repair parts will be difficult, and aftermarket parts nonexistent. If something breaks you’ll need another vehicle to get around until the parts come in.

I love Alphas. Especially the 4C. But it’s a second vehicle, a plaything, in the U.S.
I think the serpent eating the man in the right side of their logo is cool too.

The Alfa dealer network is expanding gradually, at least now there’s 3 dealers between Portland and Seattle instead of just one when you could only get the 4C. Some of the target market probably already bought the Maserati that came out first, or they’re waiting for an attractive lease deal.

The Maserati Levante found 444 buyers in August, similar to the new Range Rover Velar and a drop in the bucket to the sales of the Mercedes CLE not to mention the Lexus RX.

The only Alfa dealership in my area is indeed a “two line” dealer.
His other line of cars is Fiat.

The dealer must have other vehicle lines, even if at other locations. I can’t imagine how a dealer could afford the up front costs of setting up a dealership with just a Fiat franchise. Augmenting it with an Alfa Romeo dealership would add little to it.

Wow, an Alfa SUV! Great way to go deep offroad to enjoy the beauty of nature and die there when the Alfa leaves you stranded! :roll_eyes:

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