2017 Honda Ridgeline - Won't start

when i go to start my ridgeline press the start button and accessory mode comes on the dash, and no start. changed the brake light switch, no help, any ideas thanks

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Hi Karl. I won’t pretend this story will help you solve the problem yourself, but it may cast some light on the common causes of a vehicle that will not start. Most Common Causes Why Your Car Won't Start - Car Talk

what made you think to replace the brake light switch?

Are you getting a click sound from the starter or nothing?
has the check engine light been on?

I would have the battery checked. it could have enough power to put the accessories on but not enough to start the vehicle.

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you have to press on the brake pedal to activate the on off switch and accessory mode came on the dash, when i pressed three or four times vehicle started


battery is new , no codes, if i try 3 or 4 times it starts, accessory mode comes on when i 1st try it Thanks

It could be a problem with the push button switch. you can try calling the dealer and see if they have any problems with them. there could also be a software update that might fix this.
just out of curiosity, have you tried starting with the vehicle in neutral?
I thought I remembered seeing somebody with the same vehicle and he would put it in neutral and then push the shifter hard into park and it would start. but it should just start in neutral. maybe he was just seeing if it was a shifter problem when he was doing this, but I can’t remember

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My daughter has a 2020 Pilot. She has no problem starting it but her husband does until he pushes hard on the brake pedal. I started it once and had the same problem. Press hard and see if it starts.

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Guessing the brake involvement with starting is a safety feature. Idea I presume is to prevent little kid from starting car while waiting for parent to return. Suggest to verify all 3 brakes lights are turning on brightly when you press on the brake pedal. With my older cars at least, engine doesn’t need to be running, key could even be in off position, for that test.