2020 Acura RDX doesn’t start every time I push the button

car will not start every time when start button pushed in

just a thought… if nobody here knows the answer you can try a forum called… acurazine

What does your dealership say when you took your car in for repair under the warranty?


As usual, @Purebred is correct. This is a warranty issue. Let the dealership fix it.

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Step on the brake pedal when you press the start button. If it doesn’t start, step on it a little harder.


From your owners manual, these steps need to be done in order.

If you push the start button before stepping on the brake, it won’t start.



Looks like the parking brake has to be on. That’s unusual.

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50,000 mile warranty so they’ll be glad to look at it for you. But you will have to explain the problem in a little more detail. Does it not crank? Cranks but doesn’t start? Cold, hot? Delayed start or doesn’t start at all until second attempt? You have to give them something to work on. Could be electrical, fuel pump, etc, so have to work with them.

My guess is that’s just for liability issues, probably doesn’t need to be on, they’re just covering themselves.

We told them to use the parking brake, it’s not our fault they didn’t.

it is indeed unusual, but very easy for @bbeleasing to verify and to please satisfy our curiosity :slight_smile:

The manual states the parking brake must be on to start the motor so I doubt it’s optional. It would be easy for the OP to verify one way or the other.

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This may be a large assumption on my part but I would think if the OP has had the vehicle for any length of time he/she knows the procedure for starting it. I rarely drive my wife’s Hyundai but it starts exactly the same way and I don’t have any trouble remembering how, even though my Corolla is old enough to require me to turn the key. @Mustangman might be on the right track but if the OP needs to press harder than normally on the brake pedal there’s something wrong or out of adjustment and that’s just compensating.

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How about the remote battery, sometimes they get weak sooner than expected and then it acts up.

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The mechanically knowledgable posters will know if this may be applicable to the OP’s problem. When the shift interlock on my previous car was going bad a similar random problem with starting the car occurred with increasing frequency.

That car had a traditional key ignition rather than the OP’s push start ignition, so my input very well may be irrelevant. But the symptom sounds so familiar to the starting problem from the failing shift interlock I experienced along with trouble shifting out of park.

Could the OP’s starting problem possibly be caused by a faulty shift interlock?

Yes, it probably could be, but no matter what types of mechanical or electronic problems could be causing this issue, they are all covered by warranty, and the OP would be foolish to try to repair this himself, rather than going back to the dealer’s service department.

My suggestion is as follows:

  1. Read/review the starting directions that are listed in the Owner’s Manual.
  2. If step #1 does not help, then the owners needs to put the problem in the hands of the Acura dealer’s service department.

one more idea on the “intermittent no start”

per manual page posted above, it is “push-to-start” vehicle

I regularly have intermittent fail-to-start on a Prius when I have the transponder/key and my cell phone to be in the same pocket - I guess these two have some disagreements resulting in transponder going into some kind of “energy conserve mode” or so… simply moving them one foot apart cures that immediately

If OP has driven it more then once they know about parking brake?

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Could be. I have a 2017 Accord and my wife has a 2019 Odyssey. Both start without setting the parking brake, and both only start with the brake pedal depressed. If the parking brake has to be set, that’s new to Honda products.