2014 Honda Civic Starting problems

Hi, everyone

I have a 2014 honda civic ex model with roughly about 52,000 miles on it. I just replaced my brakes and driver side caliper. When a few weeks later I started noticing that when I would start my car by pushing in the brake and hitting the push start button it would not start but go straight to accessories mode. I checked my brake fluid to see if I had a leak and when I changed brakes I made sure that I had no air bubbles when bleeding the brakes. I also made sure my battery and alternator are working properly, as well as my key fob. I don’t know what could be the cause because it happens at random. I did go see a honda mechanic and they told me they have never seen this problem before and told me to wait till something fails because they think it might be an electronical issue. So if anyone has had this problem or something similar all advice is appreciated.

See if your brake lights are coming on when this problem happens.

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I have no ordinary lights that come on when my car starts, I haven’t checked when it puts it in accessory mode tho

No, does the brake light come on when you step on the pedal? If it doesn’t, the switch that tells the ignition your foot is on the brake pedal isn’t working and the car won’t start.

The brake light does come on when pressed.

Starter was the issue

Glad to hear you got your issue solved.