2013 Honda Accord 2.4L Intermittent Starting Problem

I have a 2013 Honda Accord 2.4L with only 35,000 miles. About a month and a half ago, I started experiencing an intermittent starting problem with the push start button. When I depress the brake pedal and push the start button, all of my “normal” dash lights come on as if I put it in Axillary mode and I hear one CLICK, but the engine does not turn over. While this does not happen all the time, it happens more than it starting on the first try. When this happens, it can take between 2-6 tries before it finally starts. I found Honda Service Bulletin 16-002; however, that is ONLY for V6 models.

I replaced the battery, but the issue is still ongoing. I had the alternator and starter both tested by numerous places and both are testing good. I asked the dealership if it could be the switch behind the brake pedal and they told me I could self-diagnose if that is the issue by attempting to put the car into gear when this happens. If the gear shift moves, than the brake switch is not bad. Of course, it shifted without issue.

I am not about to dump $600+ into replacing parts that have tested good on a number of occasions, so I’m in search of anyone else that may have had this same issue with successful repair results? TIA!

You might want to fix the typos in your post (2.4L, not 4.2L). As to your problem, I’d post this on a Honda Accord forum, much more likely to find someone there that has had this unusual problem happen to them. It is something in the starting system, so the switches and sensors involved would be my first guess.

Touche! Thanks for the heads up on the typos. My frustration levels are through the roof.

Thank you! Honda forum…here I come…

it depends on where the click is coming from. it could be coming from the relay or the starter. Find the relay and look for another one with the same numbers and swap them. if that cures it, just buy a new relay. The next thing I would try is clean up all battery cable connections, both at the battery and at the ground and starter connections. if that is the original battery, have it tested.

I just had it in for the battery connector recall and I replaced the battery a few days after that. I guess I’ll start with the relay as you suggested. Thanks.

There is a tread with a number of Honda Accord owners that had starter failures. It seems the starter solenoid contacts wear prematurely.

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ASk your tech to measure the voltages at the two starter terminals during attempted cranking. Both should be at least 10.5 volts. Terminal to starter case. If they are, likely you’ve got a faulty starter motor. Usually when this test is done however one or both of the volatages will be low or zero volts. If so, then the tech has to work backwards following the schematic towards the battery to find out why.

Hey, HELP PLEASE!! Did you find a solution?? I am having the exact same problem
Since it is intermittent my mechanic thinks it could be a corroded cable leading to the starter and that the starter itself may be fine, which would explain why sometimes it works and sometimes it can’t connect depending on weather, humidity, etc. Any help would be great, can’t afford to pay $900 to have Honda replace starter, especially if not necessary. Thanks!!

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Did anyone with this issue find the exact cause for the intermittent starting? I have a 2013 Accord, with basically the same issue, but only happens about every 5th attempt. I’m afraid its going to leave me stranded, but I don’t want to bring it in without knowing more precisely what the issue could be, so I’m not charged for replacing every assumed part needed.
Thank you!

Are your symptoms exactly the same? It turns on the dash lights but doesn’t crank the engine? Or does it not turn on the dash lights either.

If it’s the former, there are lots of potential causes but the first place I’d look is probably the brake light switch. If you start the car in a garage, then get into the habit of checking the garage wall to see if brake lights are reflected off of them when you go to start it. If they’re not, that means the brake light switch isn’t triggering properly. If it doesn’t, then the computer thinks you’re not stepping on the brake and won’t allow the car to start.

If it’s the latter it could also be lots of things including one that’s often overlooked - a battery post broken inside the battery. No visible signs of trouble, but sometimes the car won’t start and all electrical power dies.

You don’t tell the shop what to fix or replace . Most of them have a diagnostic fee and then you approve the list of things they recommend . That is the only way they will stand behind their work. Besides what ever was done on this 2 year old thread may have the same symptom’s but a different solution.

Thank you @shadowfax. Yes it’s just like above. Everything lights up on the dash, and you just hear a click, try it a couple of times and it then works. I didn’t think about the brake switch, as thats true the Power On and then Accessories On will work without the brake switch functioning correctly. I will check it today and write back either way. I truly don’t believe its a battery issue as I’ve tested it, and no drops in load, and all accessories remain on when the starter switch goes to the start (all you hear is a click possibly from the solenoid).

Thank you again!

Hey I’m having the same exact problem with my 3013 Honda Accord…I just seeing if the brake switch shortage was the answer to your problem…Thanks for your help

On my 2013 Accord the engine does not always start. I already replaced the starter and battery.
When it does not start I continue to hold the brake pedal down then push and HOLD the START/STOP button and it will start. This indicates that there is a possible problem with either the push button switch or the brake switch.