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2005 Honda Accord Not Starting (Starter and Relay replaced)

A few weeks ago my car wouldn’t start. Signs likely pointed to a starter and our mechanic replaced the starter. But we ran into the same issue again. This time we replaced the relay. Still running into the same issue. Hoping anybody can provide suggestions.

  1. When I turn the key, the dashboard lights up. We know the battery is working.
  2. When I turn the key further, I should expect the car to start cranking. But there is no crank. Not even a click.
  3. When I’m in limbo like this, I’ll press the brake, put the car in neutral, and eventually the car starts about 10-15 times of turning the key.
  4. There have been a few occasions where I turn the key and I feel like the car is about to start (like the sound you hear when you power down a device) but the car won’t start.

The problem might be with the transmission park-neutral safety/range switch.

After all, it is made out of plastic.


Thanks TESTER. I should have mentioned that the car will not always start in neutral. I happened to read that on a forum previously and tried it. There are times where I can get it running on PARK.

Try wiggling the shift lever in park/neutral when attempting to start the engine.

If the engine starts when doing this, it points to the switch


Has anybody checked BOTH ends of the battery cables to make sure they’re clean and tight?
A bad connection could cause the same problems you are having.

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Thanks Tester and It_s_Me. I will try/check these methods over the weekend.