2019 Honda Ridgeline - Won't start

Truck won’t start. All electrics go on (including all instrument panel lights), but there is no sound or anything when the ignition button is pressed.

Original battery? Will it start with a jump?
Or, have you tried starting with transmission in neutral ?


If nothing else seems to work, ask your shop to measure the voltage at the starter S terminal (thinner wire) with the key in “start”. It should be at least 10.5 volts. If so, and it doesn’t crank, me, ask shop if it makes sense to replace starter motor. Less than that? Something wrong w/starter circuity. You are welcome to post back here for ideas.

your key fob battery is probably low/dead or the signal from the fob is being interfered with. Try holding the fob next to the start button when you try to start it. If that works, you’ll need a new battery for your fob.