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2016 Ford Explorer emissions in the cab

we are plagued with emmissions in our cab when we accelerate to the freeway etc…we have had it to the Ford Service Department 5 times and it is still an issue…They now have contacted Ford Techs and will have a meeting soon…My point is We think this should have happened after 3 times not 5…and to add to the woes it has started to hesitate moving from a stop/light…it finally catches but We feel unsafe because people take that as a nod to go in front of us…NOW the other day the A?C fan went all the way off for at least 10 seconds…and a puff of the fool smelling stuff came thru the front seat… HELP…We need a impartial voice or one that can back up their time line of repairs for us… Thanks

You need to seek out and hire a lawyer in your area that specializes in this type of problem. Your vehicle may be covered under your state’s Lemon Laws.

You should also contact the Ford zone rep for your area and get them involved. Sounds like you should contact NHSTA with your safety complain as well.
Good Luck

Yes I filed with the NHSTA I have my file number I am glad the weather is HOT so we can drive with our windows down. .Thank you so much

This issue had been on the news a lot a few months ago regarding Ford Explorers used as police cars. I don’t know if a fix has been found but the problem is real and Ford is well aware of it.

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I’ve only heard of this happening with law enforcement Ford Explorers.

What they did was run extra wiring thru the firewall to power all the electrical components you’d find in a police unit, but didn’t do a good job of sealing the hole(s) that were created. Allowing exhaust fumes into the passenger cabin.

But I’ve heard nothing about this problem on a civilian Explorer.


I know that is Ford’s explanation of the cause, but I have read contrary replies from some police depts. saying the wiring holes were inspected and the seals were good and people were still getting sick.

Remember when Ford tried to blame Firestone for the Explorer rolovers when it was Ford’s rediculous recommendation of 26 pounds of pressure in the tire to try and eliminate complaints about the rock like ride that was at fault.


what type of Attorney am I looking for…I am stunned by the thousands in the phone book Thanks

One that that specializes in your type of complaint… Civil maters, warranty claims, insurance claims, maybe. Specifically someone who takes on auto warranty claims.

Like this guy, Steve Lehto

He writes and blogs about automobiles and warranty claims and such.

Thanks for the tip…We are meeting the Ford Rep tomorrow to give us a new thing to be angry about I’m sure…Will let you know the out come Thanks again Pat

Meanwhile keep a couple of windows open.

Oh yes… the service department have blamed it on at least 10 things…A dirty Cabin Air Filers… seals… dirty filters… dirty anything but what the hell has made 5 and a half trips worth it…One service department told us that we would have to find a ride home as the had no cars available we said can we bring it tomorrow or some other day and he look at us like we were nuts and said NO we are too busy to get you a rental… what ever that mean t… WE ARE SO DAMN SICK OF THESE SERVICE PEOPLE… SO THE CAR IS NOT WORKING… SO OKAY… ACT LIKE THE SERVICE PEOPLE YOU SHOULD BE AND TRY TO FIX IT>>>Had to vent a little sorry…we are both over 70 and it makes it hard for us to just run back and forth every few weeks and have them say HEY WE FIXED IT…anyway we will let you know how peeved we are tomorrow Thanks again for the info Pat

know that the service people aren’t intentionally not fixing your car. I completely understand your frustration, but they aren’t even the mechanics actually working on the car. Sometimes issues like this can be a real bear to find and figure out.

Having said that: they do need to make sure this gets fixed, and they do need to understand your situation. Is this the only Ford dealership near you? If this one can’t get it fixed, perhaps tell them to tow it to another Ford dealership for a looks see? If no other Ford, tell them to tow it to a Chevy dealership on their dime. They’ll love that. lol

Portable CO monitors are inexpensive. I used to sell them to industry. Spend $100 and get one you can clip to the visor. Anything above about 25 ppm is a problem long-term. Some even act like keyrings. At least you won’t have a health threat while this is resolved.

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we always do…we have headaches and stuff so we have to keep the air flowing…thanks

thanks for the information…I will look for one…Pat

I expect you already know that it’s difficult for the folks here to know why it’s happening. It’s like someone asking on a boat forum why their boat is leaking. About the only thing the forum members can say is that it isn’t supposed to happen, and there’s a leak somewhere. A shop might be able to use their exhaust gas analyzer as a sniffer to narrow down where the leak is coming from. Beyond that, just the normal leak finding method, partially plug up the tail pipe and someone under the car looks/feels for gas escaping indicating a leak. If no exhaust leak found from the exhaust manifold all the way to the tailpipe, inspect for any holes into the passenger compartment from under the car where exhaust smoke can rise and get in. Sometimes what owners believe is an exhaust leak is actually some fluid in the engine compartment is leaking, engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, etc, and dripping on something that gets hot. The resulting smoke can find its way into the passenger compartment via the AC vents. So have your shop check for that too. To the extent you can tell your shop the conditions this happens and when it doesn’t, that will help them determine the cause. For example, does it only occur when the AC is turned on, etc etc

Has there been any body/collision repairs performed to the rear of the vehicle?

no my husband checked it over very carefully thanks

Thank you for the detailed help…it nice to have so many people to answer our issues…Thank you again

I was having a similar issue with my 2016 Explorer and even posted it on this forum. After a second dealer inspected the repairs made by the first dealer, the problem suddenly went away even though the second dealer supposedly did nothing. I have a high quality CO detector and it always reads ZERO now, and I haven’t noticed any exhaust smell in a couple of months. Odd. It seems to have “fixed itself.”