Carbon monoxide in 2017 Ford Explorer

Is ford ever going to correct the carbon monoxide problem on explorers. Dealers here are giving about 20 per cent discounts trying to unload them. Should I unload mine?

If you’ve had no problems, I wouldn’t do anything

You’ll get hosed when you trade in or sell to a dealer, in my opinion

I believe the most depreciation takes place in the first few months, and you would be the one taking that huge hit

Another thing to consider . . . just because you read about a problem happening to another person with the same vehicle, doesn’t mean it will happen to you

But if this is eating you up, costing you sleep, somehow causing marital strife, then by all means get rid of the vehicle. Your well-being is worth more than the vehicle

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Much of the exhaust leakage was in in police vehicles where they modify the vehicles after they buy them. If you did nothing to the body and don’t get headaches while you drive, you should be OK. Pay attention to headaches in the Explorer, especially if more than one person develops one at the same time.

From what I’ve read it’s cause by a cracked exhaust manifold on police vehicles that have lots of idling time. I haven’t read that civilian Explorers have had and great problems. If you are worried, buy the carbon monoxide detection tags and hang one in your Explorer. If it registers, replace it the manifold… or in your case with a 2017, have Ford replace it.

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I agree. If you are worried, buy a $30 detector. But the problems were, as I recall, only on police vehicles.