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Ford Explorer - carbon monoxide leaking in through vents

Ford Explorer 2015 has caused my stepson to passout while driving in city mild traffic. tests show reading at tailpipe to be 3 and at the interior air vents to alarm at 35. This appears very dangerous what is being done to prevent this from happening.

If those numbers refer to carbon monoxide the following is from Consumers Reports:
Consumers can take their 2011 to 2017 Explorer to any Ford dealer for the service starting Nov. 1 but no later than Dec. 31, 2018. Dealers will reprogram the air conditioner, replace the liftgate drain valves, and inspect the sealing at the rear of the vehicles, Ford said. All work will be done free of charge.

The action covers 1.3 million vehicles in the U.S., 84,000 in Canada and 24,000 in Mexico. The reference number for the service is 17N03.

Call the dedicated hotline at 888-260-5575 if you have any questions about your Ford Explorer.


This is a well known issue and even lawsuits are being filed for it .