2014 Sonata Tire Pressure Sensors

2014 Sonata Tire Pressure Sensors
3 of 4 tire pressure sensors just lit up. Tire pressure is good. Any ideas ?

Did you rotate the tires recently? Try resetting the pressure sensors if you can. I can do in my Accord by pressing a button, but I don’t know if a reset function is available to the owner for your car.

No recent rotation, this car does not have a reset button. Strange 3 went out at the same time.

Had the same problem with a 2015 Hyundai. Batter died, had to replace the sensor at the tune of $150, but all is well now.

Strange, put the OBD tester on it, no triggers. Want to figure it out before i call my mechanic so i know what i talking about.

You don’t need to figure it out , that is what you pay a mechanic for. Just tell him what your problem is.

Is you OBD tester capable of pulling TPS diagnostic codes?


True, but some like to take advantage if they can, but that’s what i will end up doing. Thanks to all

Probably not, but i figured it was worth a shot.

Why do people want to figure it out
before they call the mechanic? Part of what you are paying him for is to correctly diagnose the problem. Just tell him what you observed and let him do his job.

More than likely the batteries on the TPMS sensors have died. I’ve read and heard that 5-7 years is about what they’re good for. It’s unlikely that an OBD-II scanner would pick up any codes regarding the TMPS sensors. I’m assuming you’ve checked the tire pressures manually and they are what they should be.

Did you have to add air to make them good ?
If so it might just take a short drive to re-calibrate and turn the lights off

Thank you, Yes, tire pressures are good. Didn’t know that about the battery, makes sense with 3 going out all at one time.

Thank you, no air added, 1st front right showed low, checked pressure, fine. Then with in a few days 2 more showed low. All pressures fine.

Tire dealers have a gadget that can read if each wheel is transmitting a signal. If a good signal is being transmitted from the tire, the fault would be in the car. I suspect they will not find a good signal from 3 tires and transmitter in tires need replaced.

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Thank you, i agree, looks like its time to have all 4 replaced.

define “fine”
what are your current tire pressures? temps where I live are dropping, and so are tire pressures. It very well could be that adding a couple pounds of air may help your situation.

Or, you actually could have 3 bad TPMS…

Thank you, temps here in Florida are actually high now, mid to upper 80s, heat index 100. No drastic changes lately. Tire pressure is 34 to 35…

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