2008 Nissan Sentra - TPMS

I have a 2008 Nissan Sentra. Issue is the tire sensor light stays on. All pressure sensors in tires have been checked. All 4 are fine.

Check and see if you have a reset button on your dash.
If not, maybe disconnecting the vehicle battery for ten minutes or so would reset the system. Be aware this would most likely erase engine computer system setting, there might be instructions in your owners manual concerning the re-learning procedure. And most likely clock and radio presets would need to be entered.

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No reset button. My mechanic checked all 4 tire sensors. They are all working properly. He replaced the car battery, so that didn’t work either. Thank you for the response.

Did he actually have the hand held scan tool that tire shops use ? Discount tire had to use there tool one time because driving did not reset the TPMS light.
If these are original that might be the problem .

Yes they are the original. Hmmm, good question. I wasn’t there watching so no idea. Will ask him. He’s one of the very few mechanic/service stations here that do it all. Not like the car dealers. Thank you will check him him on that scanner.

Then very likely the batteries have run down to the point where the car can’t read them. The handheld tool held inches away from the sensor might read, but the car can’t. Might be time to replace all 4 sensors.


Agreed the batteries in the wheel sensors are reaching the end of their useful life at 11 years old , in fact more than their useful life if they have never been changed . To replace them expect $35 -50 per tire just for the sensors plus the labor to install and balance the tires . For me this another system that isnt needed and just another added maintenance cost .

If the shop has a decent tire mounting machine . . . you can replace sensors without completely dismounting the tire

You remove the valve core, break the outer bead only ,hold the assembly in place on the “table” . . . then you push and hold the sidewall down with the “robo arm” while you swap out the sensor. No need to head over to the balancer