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Sonata TPMS

I have 2008 Hyundai Sonata. The TPMS light has been on for months. Not the little round tire low light…this is the actual letters TPMS. I have had issues in the past with the low pressure light coming on with weather temp changes which were quickly remedied by putting air in the tires. After several new tire purchases the low level light would come on when I left the store and as I drove out and drove a little while they would go off and stay off. I have had tire centers break the sensors and have to replace them. After the last one they reset the sensor, however some time later the TPMS letters came on and will not go off. No one can seem to fix it permanently. The Hyundai dealer service center tells me it’s a tire center problem. I think it’s a Hyundai problem. It didn’t stop the car from passing Texas inspection but it’s annoying and I’m not sure the system is now detecting low tire pressure which on a long trip for a single woman is disturbing. Can you help?

"The Hyundai dealer service center tells me it’s a tire center problem."
Did the Hyundai dealer tell you they aren’t capable of repairing this or they won’t repair this for free?

The sensor ID from the new sensor must be registered into the TPMS module with a scan tool. The vehicle must have the correct tire pressure sensors installed. Your dealer should be able to handle this.

Tire pressure sensors can be different from year to year.