2014 Dodge Grand Caravan - I'm sure it's not the battery

van takes several times to get it to turn over and i know its not the battery. could it be the starter? or is there another common problem with these vans the electrical or starter.

Loose or dirty battery cable connections would be my first guess.

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If it’s cranking normally and not struggling–admittedly a big if–I’m inclined to doubt it’s battery related. Could be a dirty throttle body.

How do you know it isn’t the battery? Did you have it tested?

Define “Turn over”
When you turn the key, does the engine try to start? or just sit there doing nothing. If it does nothing, do you do anything different to eventually get it to start?

If the engine does nothing when you turn the key, there are a few things to check:
-Check the battery cables: are they tight? clean? corroded?
-Put the van in neutral (with your foot on the brake,) and try to start it. Does it start right up? this would point in the direction of the neutral safety switch.
-listen for a faint click: this could be the starter trying to engage, but failing. If the starter is accessible with the hood open, you could try giving it a light but solid rap with a hammer and see if it will then start.

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