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Car stalls after start and now isn't even turning over

I have a 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan. I went out to start my car this morning and started the car. It turned over just fine and then after 2 seconds it dies. If I tried to keep starting it, it would just turn over and not start. But when I would take the key out then put it back in, it would start, then die again. It did this a couple more time until I tried to give it some throttle, after I let off the gas and it died again. But this time it wont even turn over anymore. I have electricity and can hear the starter solenoid when I turn the key over. I can hear the fuel pump, but it wont turn over. I would love your help!

The battery is dead. The engine stalled after starting because low cranking voltage will throw the idle air control motor out of calibration.

Concur, at this point the battery isn’t charged enough to crank the engine. You could try recharging the w/a battery charger overnight, see if it starts and runs ok the next am. That would confirm a battery or charging system problem. A load test of the battery would tell you the basic battery health. It’s not unusual to hear these kinds of problems at this time of the year, since the ambient temperatures are plummeting rapidly due to the seasonal change. Batteries are highly affected by ambient temperature. I expect your battery actually failed this past summer, but you are just now discovering it…