I have a van and it wont start.....what do i do?

I’ve had this '96 Dodge Caravan for just over a year now and suddenly I go to try and start it and it will almost start but then stop. All my dash comes on like it supposed to but when I turn my key it just stuggles and makes a grinding noise. The only thing i know is my common sense is saying if it makes grinding noise dont keep trying you’ll make things worse. Any help?

How old’s that battery?


Here’s some background info, might be helpful at least.



Bad battery? Bad Starter?

what is wrong with it when it wont start when its hot but will when its cool but now it wont start at all

From what you say – I’m assuming “fran why 20” is the same as the OP – It’s likely some kind of an electrical problem. I’m guessing you need a new starter motor. A mechanic would measure the voltages at the two starter motor electrical terminals during attempted cranking, and decide what to do based on that.\

It might be simply that the battery is no good, or the battery connections are corroded. If your battery is over 5 years old, that would be the prime suspect. Many of the big-box retail auto parts stores will test your battery and clean the connections for free, so you could try that.