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2012 chevy traverse turn signal switch

does anyone have a link i can go on to see how to remove turn signal switch on 2012 chevy traverse???

This should help.

Replacing the multifunction switch on a 2012 Traverse is a much simpler procedure than shown in the video above. What problem are you having with it? Is it failing to return or is failing to function electrically?

wipers stop working when i use my signal turning left

I can’t find a link specific to a Traverse but looking at the part it appears to be the same setup as my '09 Pont G6. On my car all you have to do is remove the steering column covers (a few screws), disconnect the electrical connector at the switch and unsnap the switch by squeezing two tabs.

I’m probably sticking my neck out by suggesting the procedure is similar. Hopefully the Traverse is as simple. If you do this job be sure to disable the airbags first.

ok thanks