2012 chevy traverse

when my windshield wipers are on and i use my turn signal.
only when i use it to signal left my wipers stop working.
should i change my turn signal switch or any suggestions out there

Allow me to try to clarify your question. Correct me if I’m wrong.
When you have your wipers on and you turn on your left turn signal, your wipers stop working?

I would suspect the “clockspring” assembly in the steering column, assuming you’re starting to turn the wheel when this happens, but before you start disassembling anything you may want to find a shop that can download “B” codes, malfunction codes for the Body Control Module. See if there’s anything stored there.

Beyond that, you may have a short to ground somewhere in the turn signal lighting circuits that’s shorting the wiper motor circuit out. I don’t have a schematic for your car, but a shop that specializes in automotive electrical systems should be able to help.

The problem is probably with the multi-function switch.


These switches are know for causing one circuit to stop functioning when another circuit is used.